Life on Earth Is a Stepping-Stone

God said:

Certainly, there is a dream-like quality to life. Sometimes life itself does not seem real to you. And sometimes all too real. Just like a dream.

But dreams are worthwhile and have their place. Even if life on earth is only a dream, it is still nevertheless life, and life unfolds, ordinary and mysterious at the same time.

Life is a slippery fish in your hand. Hard to hold on to, and hard for you to be willing to let go of, and yet the fish is no more yours held in your hand than when it is loose in the sea. Life cannot be captured. It can't be pinpointed. It is moving as We speak.

You look for a handle on your life when there is none. Look to unhand your life. Your control is not necessary. Control confines you. Control squeezes your life shut. Control closes channels. Channels are meant to be open.

Why work at controlling that which you cannot? Let go of control. Relax your fist.

Life is more open to you when you are more open to it.

Life is not prescribed. It is lived. It is not predictable, and yet you often predict it. You consign it to a certain page, when life is all over the place.

There is nothing life must be but free to be what it is.

You see life as a challenge. Why challenge life when it can be your ally? What side of life do you want to be on? Be on its good side. Be favorable to life. Make it welcome.

Life on earth is a stepping-stone.

It is an intermediary passage.

It is an escalator you ride on. Sooner or later you will step off. Yet you imagine that life on earth is secure and that life after earth is obscure. But it is life on earth that is the Great Unknown.

What comes after life on earth is already known to you. Therefore, it is the Known. And you are the Knower. You are the Great Knower of the Great Known. You are well familiar with life beyond the physical. And yet you set aside your awareness and assume an ignorance that is not truly yours. You play a part.

Have you not believed in your ignorance more than in your awareness? It is not that you don't believe what is right in front of your eyes. You do believe what is right before your eyes. But you disbelieve that which is beyond your eyes. Yet, why on earth, would you look away from that which you already know? Why pretend it away?

Eternity is no less precious than an indeterminate span of life on earth. Perhaps the illusion of earth life becomes so important because it is fleeting. Perhaps you would rather catch that which runs away from you rather than what is intractably yours.

In life, you are at a temporary way station. You are in a waiting room. You walk around. You pace. You take trolleys. You make gestures. And you wait for My arrival. As if I were not present with you. As if you could not see Me, even when your heart knows that I am all there is to see. Sometimes you think I am blind when you are the one who does not see in Whose embrace you are.

With your feet on the floor, raise your eyes to Mine. That is what your eyes are for, to see beyond the little room you think you are in. You are in a Grand Hallway, and I am the Host, and you are My Great Companion seated at My right, and all is well in Heaven and on earth.