Life, a Two-Way Street

God said:

In what fog are you today? What are you bewildered or forlorn about ? Something is puzzling to you. Something is sad. There may be something you want to begin, and something you want to be done and over with.

You are perhaps so full of activity that you can hardly draw a breath, or possibly you may not have quite enough to do. Being with insufficient activity pains you as well as having too much to do. You tend to always be wanting for something. Whether it is less or more, you want it when you want it, and the way you want it. You may well find yourself muttering about one thing or another.

In the midst of summer, you yearn for the world to cool down. In the midst of winter, you would like the heat of the sun on your back.

You are clamoring for something you had and want now or do not want now.

Increase your gratitude quotient. Be a bit more forward-thinking. Give the world a break. By what Divine Right are you more disgruntled with Life than you are accepting of it? Admit, even when Life plies you with all you could ask for, you still may ask for something else or more.

You can ask for anything you want, of course. You may or may not receive what you want.

Is Life your servant? Are you not to serve Life at least some of the time? Why not? Why isn’t Life a two-way street?

I ask you not to get overwrought with Life. Life is not obliged to cater to you. Be good-natured with Life. Where did you get the idea, if only some of the time, that Life owes you a living?

Give a thought to boosting Life. What if you opened doors wide for Life to enter? And then offer Life a comfortable seat and offer it a foot stool to put its feet up on?

Understandably, you may want Life to be especially alert to your preferences. Sometimes Life has to do what Life does do. Really and truly, it’s possible that you could give Life a better press than you may presently give it. C’mon, give Life a break.

Life has no choice sometimes. Whatever Life may personally desire, there are times when Life in the form of death, for instance, takes loved ones away from your physical presence. Surely you know that Life, as the world configures Life, may not have any more choice about its delivery than you do.

Watch it that you don’t miss out on Life. Give Life a chance for you to love it and lend your favor to Life. Whatever aspect of the Moon the world happens to be in, look at the Moon, and you may see that the Full Moon is beautiful and that a New Moon also is beautiful. It is the Same Moon, only you gaze at the Moon from a different angle.

The Moon is always up here in the Sky whether it is Night or Day, covered with Mist or Yellow Glow. Regardless, you can thank the Moon for being the Moon today no matter what garb it wears. Never mind, the Moon visits you every day. The milky rays from the Moon bless you every time.

Relinquish your hold on the Moon. The Moon is free to be the Moon as it is. The Moon does not have to be made of cheese. The Moon doesn’t have to be anything but what it is.

The Moon and the Sun and all the Stars and all the People and Sights and Dawns and Sunsets interact in this that you call Life. There is an interplay you share. Life is here, and you are here to draw Joy. You can reciprocate. You can bless as well as being blessed.

Bless Life generously in Honor and Joy to Me.

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Clarification please

"Where did you get the idea, if only some of the time, that Life owes you a living?"

I have stumbled upon this statement several times during the last weeks when reading Heavenletters, and I would like to try to fully understand the meaning behind this. Is God implying here that only the rich got a right to eat and live? I am asking this in the context of less and less income opportunities for the masses of people, mainly as a byproduct of automation, which by its nature could make less and less work necessary to provide a basis for a good and sustained life for all, but which is currently abused to ever increase the already infinite wealth of a few, while leaving more and more people without any means to provide "a living".

Dear Friend, this seems to

Dear Friend, this seems to be an instance of language here. It is a common colloquial expression in English, in American English in any case, to say something like: "Do you think God owes you a living?" It is an expression not at all meant to be taken literally. It is a figurative interpretation, dear Horst.

A comparable expression goes like this: "Do you expect Life to be served to you on a golden platter?"

I can only guess that there are such expressions in other languages, possibly all languages.

I can't imagine for one minute that the literal interpretation you are struggling with could ever be what God is meaning to say.

God in Heavenletters also makes clear the opposite. God speaks of removing all limitations. He speaks of removing all borders, of making room at the Inn for all. God wants freedom and opportunity for all. In terms of the surface of Life, God does not hand us all a piece of cake.

Another common expression at least in English is something like this: "Some of God's Children are born with a silver spoon in their mouths." Not all.

surely there is more to Life than material success. We also know that all the riches in the world and all the surface power in the world do not equate to great happiness. We tend to think it will. We tend to think: "If only we had this or that, we would be happy."

There is a also a quotation that goes something like this: "What does it profit you if you have all the wealth in the world and have not Love?"

Certainly we want wealth to exist in the world, and to be glad that it exists.

How grateful I am that you asked your question and brought it into the open. God bless you.