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Canim Gloria,

I am so happy that we have a new subscriber, sooooooooo soooooooo sooooo happy...

And Canim Gloria, yesterday I forwarded the message no:2505 "MAKING YOUR WAY IN THE WORLD" to my nephews. (They are not subscribers - yet )

And here are the replies from them:

1) (The older one) ...Canim Engin Abla (abla means older-sister) this text is SUPERRR, thank you for sharing with us, it is soooo truth. :thumbup:

2)(The younger one) Engin Abla-cigim, this text is so SUPER that I took a print-out and I hung it up on the wall of my room. :thumbup:



And dear Gloria, sometimes

And dear Gloria,

sometimes I ask to God -He has not answered me directly yet but I keep asking :Rolleyes: - and here is my question:

"Offf Allahim, these letters of you are soooooo beautiful, so helpful, so goergeous and then why do we have only a couple of subscribers in Turkish ;) ? Incase it is difficult for them to read the letters in English, we translate them, we make them as easy as infant soup to EAT :Criying: . I think the numbers of the subscribers should be at least thousands and thousands :wub: ...I mean that is what I think. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE you, always yours, Engin :wub: "



Indeed I was asking myself

Indeed I was asking myself how do you do that miracle to get one subscriber after the other.
Kindly whisper your secret to me, so that we may have lots and lots of italian subscribers, that is my dream!!

Love and blessings to you dear !


Liebe Berit, thank you for

Liebe Berit,

thank you for your generous appreciation :blushing:

Actually I do not do anything speacial, besides when I do something special i.e. when I try to convince someone to be a subscriber mostly they don't ;)

On the other hand I too want the number of the subscribers increase and increase and increase. The more we want, the more subscribers we get :Rolleyes: I hope..

Alles Gute, Alles Liebe :wub:


And another new subscriber

And another new subscriber from Turkey this morning!

And another! That's two this morning from Turkey!

Yes, keep your intention, canim Engin.

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

Canim Gloria, I keep my

Canim Gloria,

I keep my intention, attention, concentration, adorationnnnn...... :thumbup:

loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove :wub: