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International Subscribers

New subscribers from other countries are increasing leaps and bounds!

How many from Turkey this month? Quite a few.

Add Belgium, China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Romania, South America, The Netherlands, and United Arab Emirates! This makes me so happy.

I am very happy when subscribers come from California and Florida, Australian, Canada, and the U.K. etc. Yet subscribers come from there all the time. With other countries, it's more a delightful surprise.

Thank you, dear translators, for all you do.

God bless you.

With love,


Canim Gloria, thank you,

Canim Gloria,

thank you, thank you, thank you...By the way who is "ZEYNEP MIHARBI". I saw the name in the "WHO IS NEW" corner. Is she a new subscriber- her name sounds very Turkish :Rolleyes: