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Let's Godwrite in South Africa -- What Response!

We sent the notice to everyone about the Godwriting workshop in South Africa because to send to only countries on the African continent would have been a huge technical project.

And are we ever glad that we did send this out to everyone!

There were beautiful responses, which made us very happy. Some of the people who wrote in were old friends, and some are new friends.

Here is a sampling of the responses::


This looks wonderful, Gloria and company!
All wishes for a Light & Love-filled experience.

love peace joy to all

Africa sounds like a marvelous place to be..

Dear Gloria,
Have a wonderful time in South Africa! Lucky to have you bringing so much God-writing enlightenment wherever you are! Thank you for sending me this email! I love all the info about God-Writing & I will be doing more of it soon. It's been a busy, wonderful, agonizing year for me & I appreciate the reminder about God-writing. Heavenletters are a comfort. Happy Holidays! Love,

I am interested in attending the God Writing Course in Africa and need some more details! How to get there from Connecticut and what the tent space provides.

I've never been to Africa and would most likely come before the workshop and stay afterwards.

Thank you & looking forward to hearing from you!

How wonderful are the people who read Heavenletters. How they are happy for others. Something beautiful is happening in the world, and we are part of it.

God bless you.

With love,