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God Desires, God's Will, Writing to God

I am trying to write a letter and prayer to Abba. But, not sure how to

express myself. I feel it is forced or perhaps it sounds off a bit even

though I am being honest I feel. As always I am trying to express my heart

desires, yet of course I desire Abba to know I love him and desire for his

will and plan. That yes I feel that my heart desires shall come true, yet

beyond what i ask. For I desire Him, only and all Him. Will you please help

me? What should I write and how? Many blessings my dear friend. Hope I do

not sound arrogant. You see I have been working on a God box called

Caterpillar to Butterfly Kaleidoscope of God which is all my purest truest

Godly etc & and so on heart desires dreams goals prayers and hopes. I want

to write a prayer on it. A prayer that shows I invite God in, I desire God.

I desire his Will, His Plans, His Details, His Perfection: All him, All he

is. For I believe C2BKOG(in short) is from God and of God for I strive to

be true to myself and my Abba. I have faith that all I desire shall come

true exactly, however of course in God's perfection it shall be God's Best. That together God and I are co creators, and God of course is the Ultimate Creator. Such as one of my

desires is to become one of the top writers in the world. I desire to be so

to inspire others. Before it was so I could impress, but I realize I desire

to share with others. To open everyone's heart souls and eyes. I have faith

that it shall not only come true, but it shall be more. That is just an

example. Can you help me please?

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Dear dear Missy, First of

Dear dear Missy,

First of all, there is nothing to it, sweetheart. There is no special way. There are no formalities. Whatever is in your heart to write, write. God does not stand on ceremony. What is in your heart is what God wants to hear. He doesn’t want you to try to be anything but what you are. As God says it: “You don’t have to get dressed up for me.”

Be easy with yourself.

You ask a fine question. Looking forward to more from you, dear one.

God bless you on your journey.

With love,