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September 11, 2011 Workshop

Godwriting 9/10/11
Jacqueline to God: Hello God, what do You have to say today?

God: Plenty! Today is a great day, one to live in the fullest. Your responsibility is to see the good in the day. Focus on the good of the world in small and large ways.Good that you woke up early. Can take a walk in nature. Good that you can say hello to fellow walkers. Then it’s good to have a home, to have food, to have the basics.Also know the good of having friends and family to love.Today is not too hot or cold. It’s just right – a Goldilocks day. Appreciate the colors of turning leaves.

Jacqueline: So I should appreciate more?

God: You do that, but you also hang on to the things that you dislike – thinking about them. Just do more and think less. It’s your thinking that weights you down. While you move and act, you don’t have room to drag our thoughts down.J

acqueline: Yes, I do have a habit of thinking of what I don’t want to do instead of just doing it and getting some things done.

God: Approach life, embrace the day. Laugh more. See the bright side. You have been gloomy lately. Lighten up.

Jacqueline: Yes, I have much to be happy about and thanks for reminding me.

God: If you are not feeling happy—no one can help you feel it – decide to feel happy. It’s not so hard. Feelings change in an instant. Why should you choose gloom? It’s silly. Right?

Jacqueline: Right.