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Left In Our Wake

Does planning for life
Give it
Lead us
To totality
Even when the steps are taken
To assure
Our becoming
Is it core substance
Our Source
We have really secured?
Is it anything less
Sitting with the stars
Or amidst the flower
Dynamically demure?
Perhaps, like unto action and speaking
Less thought is more
Perhaps overall
The combination of both
And observation
The balance
Between the two
Is the truest of meanings?
It's like going to a movie or play
That can be seen as mindless fun, an escape
Or maybe further still
As a way, to remind
Of the roles we play
The characters we are
Our part
In life
Day to day?
And what is more
More great
For comparisons sake?
The moments absorbed in a drama
Or what takes place after we walk out the doors?
Perhaps as we Awake
Letting go of comparisons sake
Of our judgments and requirements
Our "give" and take
We'll truly Be
Leaving all form of upset in our wake

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007

Thank you dear angel

Thank you dear angel !