Lead with Your Heart

God said:

You come to Me here every morning as if to a water trough. You are thirsty. You come for a drink of God. I am here.

Do not feel bad if you do not always feel your deep connection with Me. There is value in despair. You get thirstier and hungrier, and so you are motivated to seek the more you seek, even when you don’t know the name of it. Hunger and thirst are great motivators. They urge you on. They get you moving. They are your coaches. Give them your attention.

Suffering of all kinds, physical and financial, loneliness, all these bring you to the water trough of God. Thank them for bringing you closer to Me. They have been your buddies for this time they stayed with you.

Of course, you didn’t really need them, for I press the water of My love to your lips constantly. And yet those friends carried your awareness to Me. Even if they were not necessary, they served a purpose. I send you love. Beloveds, but do not think I sent these erstwhile buddies to you. I never said you must have them.

It is as if you have been wounded in war. Suffering and pain are like your medics who rush you into the tent of God where all healing takes place. It is your heart that gets wounded, beloved. It is always the heart. Even pain from your big toe comes from your heart. Your heart has been squeezed, and it yells, “Ouch” through your toe. Whatever the illness or pain, it comes from your heart. Heart damage is the real cause. Your heart needs to be healed. It is always your heart that needs to be healed.

Let Us heal your heart right now. Whenever you resisted, you hardened your heart. Yet your heart is to remain soft. It is never to be hardened. Hardness does not benefit your heart. Your heart is not meant to be bolstered. It is meant to be softened. Be soft-hearted. You do not have to admit anything into your heart that would harden it. Let’s unharden your heart now.

Unburden your heart of anger and all such emotion. You truly feel those emotions in your heart, and yet those emotions have no place in your heart. Your heart wears a white wedding gown, as it were, and no mud is to be thrown at it. Your wedding dress of a heart can take a lot of mud, and yet none of the mud belongs there. Your heart is meant to be pure and clean and as fresh as a daisy. Be clean-hearted. Wash your heart with love today. It is with good reason that Valentines are shaped like hearts. Hearts are where love and love alone is to abide, to abide and then to be given away, making place for more love, new love, love resounding, love abounding, eternal infinite love filling every crevice, love spilling out, love splashing, love having fun.

You might have thought that putting up a strong barrier around your heart would protect it, but such a fence only hurts it. The stronger the fence, the more it abrades your heart. Your heart becomes a prisoner of the fence. Your heart is not meant to be part of a gated community. Your heart is meant to be right out there in the open to receive love and to stream love out like sparkling water in a running brook.

Your heart is your guide, and it is splendid. It is the leader of the band. Your heart belongs right out there in front. By all means, lead with your heart.

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Thank you for this continous

Thank you for this continous email, reading these has awakened in me the receptivity to the creative spirit that resides in me. to the point of myself writing the thoughts of god that emerge from me after spending quiet time inside myself.

thought you might enjoy what has been presented to me, the other day:

Aig. 28th, 2007

The sky’s today, majestic,…..
The dark grey transposed against the crystal white clouds, Promising rain, …. But no, More like Thank you God,

Driving, It was my ego, speaking
of fear doubt and anger,
“Now I got to drive in this,
People cant drive in the rain,
gonna be delayed”

But just as easily, as naturally, as harmoniously,
my Spirit showed me all the blessing, the awareness of all the good, that much-needed water could do.

The watering of the thirst of creation, to make born more of the beauty and splendor of that we call earth, as well as quench the thirst of humanity bringing life.
So again Thank You God.
For showing me the receptivity to your abilities and remembering the Bliss of life

Lance Saperstein

Thank you Lance for sharing

Thank you Lance for sharing this beautiful experience !!

"...reading these has awakened in me the receptivity to the creative spirit that resides in me." How well expressed dear Lance, yes, that's once of the many things Heavenletters do to our hearts, love them so much !

Love and blessings

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said I am here
Come to Me every morning
For a drink of God

God said for more love
By all means lead with your heart
Your heart is your guide

God said I send you
Eternal infinite love
To be soft-hearted

Love, Light and Aloha!

What great, beautiful and

What great, beautiful and deep truths are expressed in this wonderful Heavenletter !! It is, to me, a "supreme Heavenletter", it answer so many questions, it explains and confirms so many things. Impossible to select a few lines to quote, this Heavenletter is to be quoted totally, so rich and beautiful it is !!!

What an infinite blessing Heavenletters are !

Love Light and Joy

It is always the heart

Even pain from your big toe comes from your heart.