New Choices For Old

God said:

Why, beloveds, do you resist change so fiercely? What can it be that makes you stubbornly resist change? Can it be your attachment? Yes, attachment to the past and also attachment to the illusion that you have all the answers, or, if you don't have all the answers at your fingertips, that you need only time to stand still while you figure out the answers.

You forget often, dear ones, that life is to be lived and not figured out. Live has many directions to go in, not just one.

You forget that you are not to hold on. You think holding on is safe. Holding on is risky. If you could stop resisting change, how happy you would be.

There is a tendency to resist what wasn't your own idea.

You would prefer that life not surprise you — unless it is a surprise you already want. You want to map life out, and sometimes you want your map to go only so far and no further. Many times you are Lot's wife, and you have turned yourself into a pillar of salt and looked at that as a wonderful thing to do. Change your mind on this, beloveds. Be the flowing water. When you are more malleable, you will go further. Beloveds, whether you like it or not, you cannot stay the same. A budding rose cannot stay a budding rose forever.

Your excursion on Earth is brief, yet you will want to stay in more than one hotel.

Because something always was doesn't mean it always has to be. Refrain from saying even once again, "This is how I am." When you can be anything you want, why be proud of staying the same? Staying the same is being stuck, beloveds. You can get beyond yourself simply by being open to change. You don't have to change every minute, yet, every minute, you can be open to change.

Be open to change. Consider change a guest who may come. Everything does not have to be in perfect order before you can welcome your guest. Guests may come at a moment's notice, or with no notice at all. Welcome them anyway. Change is a beautiful powerful factor in your life. It is not your enemy. Change is not a robber. Change is like yeast in bread dough. It makes it rise. Beloveds, you are not finished baking yet. You still have some rising to do.

Be not adamant about how life should be or your life should be. You are not meant to be steel. You are meant to be bendable. Bend, beloveds, bend. No matter what, you will spring back.

When there is change, it is like you are going around a corner. You really can't see what's around the corner until you turn around the corner. Nor can you predict what life is to hold for you, nor can you know that something else around the corner is or isn't better for you. Beloveds, you do not know what is around the next corner after this one. You can't know what is up your alley until you get there. So long as you are alive, it is too soon for your life to be moored to the past, even the past of a moment ago.

You are like Columbus who set forth for India and wound up discovering a land previously unmapped. What if Columbus had stamped his foot on American soil and said, "This is not what I wanted! I wanted India!" Columbus knew he was where he was and didn't protest what was already before him. He knew to get off the ship and venture onto land.

And so do you.

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Be the flowing

Be the flowing water.

Somehow this can be felt even when, in real life, flexibility leaves much to be desired. Being the flowing water is a happy thought.