Keep Your Good-heartedness

God said:

It is often a dilemma for you, how to honor yourself and another at the same time. You want to say Yes to another, and then later you may be sorry you said Yes, for you may later feel that, in so doing, you said No to yourself. How do you know when to put yourself first before another, and when to help out another? You struggle to know when to give, and when to hold back.

Frankly, you have not seen enough of others' honoring you. You haven't seen much of it at all.

You crave to be unselfish, and you crave not to be taken advantage of. You may regret having obliged someone else, and you may regret even more perhaps when you did not help someone else. Whichever way you turn, you may feel caught in a cross-brace. You sincerely want to serve, and too often when you do or you don't, you berate yourself either way, and so you come to the point where you berate others in your mind as well. You can't seem to get it right.

You dearly don't want to be hard-hearted, and you don't want to be too soft-hearted and then sorry later. You don't want to be misbegotten, and you don't want to be a misanthrope, and you don't want to be a fool.

I would say to you, beloveds, the main thing is not to be down-hearted. Yet you don't know how to keep your heart up when someone lets you down. This is what you really have to learn. This is called non-attachment, beloveds. Don't mind so much what others do or do not. Their responses don't really have much to do with you or even anything at all.

Find a way not to be even thinking this way. Don't count on a return. When you invest dollars, you count on a return of your investment at the same time as you know that investments do not always pay off. What is the best thing you can do when there is not a return, or not much of a return on your investment of heart or money? Why, shrug your shoulders, forget about it, and move on. Your choices are not to depend on someone else's choices.

Do not make the mistake of looking over your shoulder. If you apply what happened yesterday to today, you are behind the times. Never mind what someone else did or didn't do. Never mind whether someone else said thank you or not. Don't brace yourself based on what someone said or didn't say yesterday. Mind what you do and what you appreciate today.

You want to be beneficent, You want to help your fellowman, and yet sometimes, in doing so, you feel like a drudge. Someone may not return to say thank you or even acknowledge your presence. And this grinds in your heart.

What you have to do, My darlings, is to let go. Let go of the idea that anyone has to say thank you or acknowledge you. Do not beat yourself up because someone is not what you would want them to be.

If you belabor the issue of another's response or non-response, you show your accuracy in arithmetic, and, in so doing, you make yourself unhappy. Keep up that counting and adding and subtracting, and you will become bitter. That will make your heart brittle, beloveds. You will be so careful that you do not overspend your heart that you will become a miser of your heart.

Never mind who neglected you yesterday. Today, do not neglect yourself. Today, give your heart splendidly. Where else does your happiness lie?

Beloveds, wherein lies your victory? When someone does not seem to value your goodness, what have you lost? Be good-hearted. Don't lose it. Whatever you do, don't lose your good-heartedness. Serve life, Me, and yourself well.

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Five Questions in this HL:

"How do you know when to put yourself first before another, and when to help out another?"

"What is the best thing you can do when there is not a return, or not much of a return on your investment of heart or money?"

"Where else does your happiness lie?"

"Beloveds, wherein lies your victory?"

"When someone does not seem to value your goodness, what have you lost?"

God, these are very compassionate questions. For me, my answers are as follows:
a) You nudge me.
b) Ask You to replenish me.
c) With You.
d) In win-win situations.
e) Probably just ego...oh, boo-hoo!! LOL!!
"You are not dependent upon goodness. You are dependent upon joy."

A wonderful Heaven Sutra for me, today

Bonnie, dear, it was fun reading your answers to the questions in this Heavenletter. Many times these kinds of questions are asked and I wonder how others would answer.

Thanks so much for your reference to the Heaven Sutra on carrying joy with us. It was just what I needed to help me today! Appreciating your perspectives……Chuck

Very beautiful, very useful

Very beautiful, very useful.

The most magnificent thing I know is simple, immediate connection between hearts, communion. The saddest thing I know is times when people, especially those that are dear to me, don't seem to care for closeness too much but, at least for the time being, prefer trying to get their needs fulfilled, seeking their little advantage in all sorts of subtle ways and not being aware of it, even unable to hear me when I try to gently point it out to them. This, of course, is a very old feeling, a child feeling of being let down. It is painful and often unnecessarily so, but it also makes me value true companionship, closeness, kindness above all else.

Now this Heavenletter points out such a simple, elegant solution: Don't even be disappointed, don't be hurt in the first place, simply keep your part of the circuit intact, even if the other cannot or not at the moment.

So I have to correct what I said about "the saddest thing I know" above. The saddest thing I know is that we have been educating – and are still educating – each other in the art of feeling disappointed and drawing conclusions from it and acting accordingly. Why did it not occur to me before that disappointment at not having my expectations met, even disappointment at not having my deep desire for communion and unity fulfilled, is not the natural thing to feel but just some dumb conditioned reflex?

Well, I'm hearing it now and that's enough. Another addition to the list of intentions God is teaching me. (See for instance Heaven #3079, .)

A refernce to an amazing Heavenletter

Thanks, Jochen, for directing me back to this Heavenletter about God’s suggestions for our intentions. When I read it months ago, I think I missed the most important message. Now I find it to be a perfect addition to the Heaven Sutra Bonnie referenced. Such wonderful guidance these comments offer!

thank you God,

daer God,
thank you for your advice,
i was the time to help it other, i was so godt to help
befor untel now am not change am always be,
but some of people i help or soport them,
de dontknow me enymore i fell hurt so am deside
i dont want to touch them enymore, and let go them way,
i have nothing to do for them,

To the heart

Oh my Dear Creator, how you have read my heart today. I was just struggling with this, and here you are, to lift me up and show me the way. You truly are with me with each step and each breath. We are going to have a great day!!! Love, your daughter, Sumi

People not being Thankful or expressing Gratitude

Todays Heaven letter was very near and dear to my Heart.
I an a previous Medical Doctor and I do Medical Intuitive readings on those who have questions about their Health, and I give them answers, which none of the other professionals can. Very Valuable information, which can improve or even save their life. Many times I'm treated as if I'm weird or just crazy, especially by my previous profession. But when the reading proves right, just a lucky guess. Many times I have not been acknowledged or thanked. It is beautiful how God through Gloria, sent this message, today. It was exactly what my soul needed Today.
Thank you
Scott Werner, M.D.

concerning some of the frustrations of modern medicine

Dear Scott,

I am one of the members of your previous profession. I know exactly what you mean about the way accepted thinking rejects the concept of intuitive diagnosis. I have wrestled with this problem also and have come up with my own solutions. Perhaps hearing about my experience and approach will be useful to you. At least it may help you know that others face similar frustrations.

I have chosen to integrate my intuitive abilities into my conventional medical practice. I use these skills every day but almost never mention them to my patients. I often (but not always) become aware of my patient’s diagnosis and problem as I greet them and shake hands, sometimes by just watching them walk into the exam room. As we talk, I use the interview to confirm what my intuition is telling me. There are times, though, when I don’t seem to have this connection and I must go through the traditional examination and testing to arrive at an answer. What is fascinating to me is that, when I lack this connection, there is a high probability that the traditional evaluation will also fail to arrive at a conclusive answer. There are all kinds of interesting scenarios that develop using this approach to medical care, but I have worked out ways to make it blend into a traditional office practice. There are a few patients who seem to be open to the hidden complexity of the reality we are dealing with and the spiritual basis of our lives. With these patients, I can be quite clear about how I do things, but they are a very rare breed in my medical practice.

Where our experience seems to differ is that I rarely if ever feel that my efforts are not acknowledged or that my patients are not thankful for what I do for them. I suspect that the overt “intuitive diagnosis” paradigm creates a sort of disconnect between your work and the acknowledgment of your successes. This approach is so much in conflict with the teachings of modern medicine that all kinds of confusion and misunderstandings can easily and predictably result.

I am not in any way saying that my way should be your way. I am hoping that sharing my experience with you will reassure you that others do know the power of intuitive diagnosis which is latent in all of us and consciously tapped into and used by a few. I have found that reading Heavenletters is vastly reassuring to me. God knows how it is and is not bashful in sharing His insights! These letters have also helped me to better understand and integrate what I know into my life.

Best of luck to you, Scott, if I can help in any way, just let me know…….Chuck

HEAVEN #3221- خوش قلب باشید

خداوند گفت:

گاه دشوار است که هم به خواسته خودتان و هم به خواسته دیگران احترام بگذارید. دوست دارید پاسخ مثبت به درخواست دیگران بدهید اما به مرور زمان، ممکن است پشیمان شوید چرا که حس می کنید با این کار به خواسته های خودتان پاسخ منفی می دهید.
چگونه تشخیص می دهید چه موقع باید خواسته خود را مقدم بدانید، و چه موقع خواسته دیگران را؟ تلاش شما برای درک این موضوع است که چه موقع باید به فرد دیگری کمک کنید و چه موقع از انجام این کار خودداری کنید.

صادقانه بگویم، شما به اندازه کافی مورد احترام دیگران نبوده اید. به هیچ وجه احترام زیادی از دیگران ندیده اید.

شما مشتاق از خود گذشتگی هستید و نمی خواهید مورد سواستفاده کسی واقع شوید. ممکن است پشیمان باشید از اینکه کس دیگری را مجبور به انجام کاری کرده اید، و بسیار افسوس بخورید از اینکه چرا به دیگران کمک نکرده اید. به هر سمت که رو کنید خود را در بند خواهد دید. شما صمیمانه می خواهید کمک کنید و اغلب اوقات خود را نکوهش می کنید، چه به کسی کمک کرده باشید، چه نکرده باشید. نمی دانید چه بکنید.

شما واقعا نمی خواهید سنگدل باشید و نمی خواهید بیش از اندازه دل رحم باشید تا جایی که در نهایت احساس پشیمانی بکنید. نمی خواهید نفرت انگیز باشید، نمی خواهید بد بین باشید و نمی خواهید احمق باشید.

عزیزان، به شما می گویم مهم این است که دلشکسته و مغموم نباشید. با این حال شما نمی دانید چگونه روحیه تان را حفظ کنید وقتی کسی شما را ناراحت می کند. عزیزان، این چیزی است که باید واقعا یاد بگیرید. مهارتی که عدم وابستگی نام دارد. به اینکه دیگران چه کاری انجام می دهند یا نمی دهند اهمیت ندهید. عکس العمل های آنها ارتباط چندانی به شما یا هیچ کس دیگر ندارد.

به دنبال راهی باشید تا در این مورد حتی فکر هم نکنید. به این امید نباشید که در این کار سودی برای شما نهفته است. وقتی مقداری پول سرمایه گذاری می کنید به امید دریافت سود هستید با علم به اینکه سرمایه گذاری ها همیشه سودده نیستند. بهترین کاری که می توانید انجام دهید چیست زمانی که می بینید سرمایه گذاری های مالی یا احساسی تان سودمند نیستند، یا اینکه کم بهره هستند؟ چرا در پاسخ بی تفاوت شانه هایتان را بالا بیاندازید، پاسخ این است، آن موضوع را فراموش کنید و به راهتان ادامه دهید. معیارها و انتخاب های شما نبایستی وابسته به معیارهای دیگران باشد.

با نگاه به گذشته مرتکب اشتباه نشوید. اگر بایدها و نبایدهای دیروز را امروز نیز به کار بگیرید افکار و زندگیتان کهنه و قدیمی خواهد شد. هرگز اهمیت ندهید به اینکه دیگران چه کاری کردند یا نکردند. هرگز اهمیت ندهید به اینکه آیا کسی از شما تشکر کرد یا نکرد. هرگز روحیه تان را با گفته ها و نا گفته های دیگران تقویت نکنید. فقط به کاری که انجام می دهید و به چیزی که برایتان ارزش دارد اهمیت بدهید.

می خواهید نیکوکار و بخشنده باشید، می خواهید به هموطنان تان کمک کنید، اما با گذشت زمان گاهی احساس می کنید که بیگاری کرده اید. شاید هیچ کس از شما تشکر نکند یا حتی به حضور شما توجهی نشود. و این شما را دلشکسته می کند.

عزیزان، چاره کار دراین است، سختگیر نباشید. رها کنید این عقیده را که همه باید از شما تشکر کنند یا به شما توجه کنند. خودتان را ناراحت نکنید اگر رفتار کسی مطابق میل شما نیست.

اگر با همان دقت معمولی که در ریاضیات از خود نشان می دهید به ارزیابی واکنشها و عدم واکنشهای دیگران بنشینید در نهایت غمگین و ناراضی خواهید شد. و اگر همچنان به شمردن و جمع و تفریق واکنشهای دیگران ادامه دهید تبدیل به موجودی ناخوشایند خواهید شد و قلب شما شکننده تر خواهد شد، عزیزان. آنچنان محتاط و تنگ نظر خواهید شد که قادر نخواهید بود از قلبتان ببخشید.

هرگز اهمیت ندهید چه کسی دیروز به شما بی اعتنایی کرد. امروز، شما به خودتان بی اعتنا نباشید. امروز سخاوتمندانه از قلبتان ببخشید. آیا شادی به جز در قلبتان در جای دیگری لانه کرده است؟

عزیزان، چه زمانی حس می کنید پیروزید؟ چه چیزی از دست می دهید وقتی کسی برای خوبی هایتان ارزش قایل نیست؟ خوش قلب باشید. آن را از دست ندهید. در هر حال و زمانی خوش قلبیتان را از دست ندهید. به من، زندگی و خودتان خدمت کنید.


Keep Our Goodheartedness

Dear Maestro, Creator of Love and Light,

Today you remind us to give of our hearts splendidly. I shall now from this day forward


1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Serve life Me and yourself well
And be God-hearted

Love, Light and Aloha!