Keep Your Flame Lit

God said:

I give unto you the world to uplift. This is your assignment. This is the purpose behind everything you do. Atlas held up the physical world. I ask you to uphold the heart of the world. I ask you to add a dollop of joy to the world. Is there a better assignment? What else would you rather be given? I say to you: "Uplift the spirit of the world. Make the world a source of happiness." This is the charge I have given you.

I am not talking about forced laughter, beloveds. I am not talking about giggles. I am speaking of a joy that runs through all transactions.

Do you not think that the sun has joy shining?

Consider yourself a sun in the world. Shine by your very presence. Light up the world. Do this quietly without fanfare. No one but you and I need to know what you are doing. Let the people not know. Let them say: "I feel good today. I don't know why. I feel the sun shining on me. I feel my heart lifted. I feel a quickening of my step. I feel worthwhile. I feel like I'm going somewhere that I'm eager to go to. I don't yet know what it is, yet I know that there is something wonderful that I'm getting ready for. I am on my way."

And so you lift the world. Suddenly, the whole world will be lifted. It will be lit. You will rub your eyes to make sure that you are seeing a-right. And you will see that you do your part, and you serve humankind, and you serve Me.

You can consider yourself an electrician, if you like, for you are to rewire the world. All the lights work now. All the lights stay lit. Now the light is seen everywhere. The sun of the world has come out. You turned it on. There is not one candle that you blew out. There is not one lighted heart that you dimmed. You welcomed the world to itself, and you welcomed everyone to the world. And so you welcomed Me.

Not that I stand on ceremony. I don't wait for a welcome. I give a welcome. I welcomed you long ago. Before you were born, I welcomed you. I welcome the thought of you, you who are My very thought.

My love is very personal and very universal. My love is a given. Certainly, My love cannot be turned off. It cannot actually be turned on either because My love is always on.

Set your love to On. There is no Off for you either, beloveds. You can turn on lights for others, however. You can shine bright light on everyone else. Your thoughts will do this. Your thoughts are the switch with which you light up the world. Your thoughts are the signal. Light the world, and you also light up yourself.

You are the sensor that you turn on. The world depends upon your light. Keep your flame lit. Remember what you are here on Earth for. You are here to lighten and brighten the world. You are not here for anything else. The way to serve Me is not through words of adulation. The way to serve Me is in quiet lighting up of the world. Cast your eye on the world in such a way that you light it up. Shine the shoes of the world, as it were. Turn on all the heart lights. Give your light.

Forget your title. CEO or assistant, lady of the house or the maid who cleans the house, you have one occupation, and that is to serve Me, and you serve Me best by leaving on your light wherever you are and whatever you do. Leave a trail of My light so that all may follow it and know that there is, indeed, love shining in the world, and an Earth that is mighty like Heaven.

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am always love you

dear God,,
thank of your masseges,,
yes i have to remember your worsd to put in my
heart and my mind to remember your masseges,
to be lighting the outher and serve like am serve you,
and am always be and also i love it my work,
to serve you because am always love you,,


I ACCEPT YOUR ASSIGNMENT !! I am an electrician today and every morning I remember
that I am. My assignment is to leave a trail of light so all my feel the joy of YOUR light
and follow it, and rejoice in it, so that Gaia can feel MORE AND MORE OF YOUR LOVE
and She can feel more like mighty HEAVEN. THANK YOU MAESTRO!

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said leave a trail
Of My light so all may know
There is indeed love

Love, Light and Aloha!