Keep the Peace

God said:

Much of the time you like life to be what you think it should be rather than what is. By the same token, you look to yourself to be what you should be and yet you see yourself as not. You want to be many things to many people, most of all, to yourself, to your picture of yourself.

You want to be what you think I want you to be. Beloveds, do not think that I want you to give up your peace to be an enabler to the world.

We have spoken about patterns in life. You may have a pattern of inviting turmoil and distress into your life, as if the ocean without a storm is too placid, too uneventful, too calm. Do you crave storms at sea? Do you like the roughness? Do you like life stirred so that you can think of disturbance from the outside rather than from the inside?

Sometimes you may say to yourself: “As a good person, I invite this one or that one into my life. I should help. This is what I should do.” And so you pat yourself on the back. You can be a good person without becoming the most wonderful giving person in the world especially when you cannot live up to it. You may give more than you can give. You may give what is not yours to give, and you may not give it very well.

Yes, you want to think about others, and yet you don’t want to think of others to the detriment of yourself. There are many ways to help and maintain peace in your life. You deserve to have peace. Remind yourself that you are a good giving person who maintains peace. Remember, beloveds, you are not the savior of anyone.

The Great Ones gave of themselves to others. The Great Ones brought others into their hearts but not into their hearths. They did not give up their peace for others. What good would they have done anyone then? The Great Ones kept their peace, and so they gave peace to the world. Can you imagine the Great Ones putting themselves into situations where they would resent others for disturbing their peace?

If you live in havoc, what are you giving to the world? And what are you giving to those whose havoc you may accept into your life?

I have never advised you to give a pound of flesh. I have never advised you to undercut yourself for the idea of an image of yourself you insist you must reflect. Truly, dear ones, you are not being unselfish when you let your life become disruptive.

Do not say, “Oh, well. I will live through this.” Do not say, “I am giving up my peace and quiet for the sake of others.” You are giving up your peace and quiet for an imagined picture of yourself. If you cannot react peaceably to havoc that you have invited into your life, then you have invited strife. You have added to the strife. You are thinking minutely. You are trying to be something you are not, and you do not even save yourself, let alone others. Do not think you are noble. You are creating a false picture of yourself.

On one hand you give, and in another, you take. You may take away from others their ability to fend for themselves. Certainly, you help no one when you fly off the handle.

Some people can put out fires. Some people can stay out of the fray. You may not be one of these. As you get angry and yell or whatever you do when you are angry, you are adding fuel to the fire. By virtue of feeling angry, you are aiding and abetting dependency upon you. You may have convinced yourself otherwise, yet what you are doing may be indulging yourself and not serving others at all.

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This one..

This one confuses me

Beloved Robbie, God in

Beloved Robbie, God in Heavenletters has said it is good to be confused. Much better than being sure about everything.

Having your Heart as a Place to come home to, Divine Lord

Thank you Dear Father and Gloria - this is a beautiful message. A perfect letter of peace. When situations present themselves and ruffle our feathers... your words will come tinging into my heart. Dear Lord, it is difficult to keep the peace especially if we find ourself in a situation where things are escalating but just maintaining inner calm assists the entire dynamics of the outcome. I thank You kindly for this Heaven Letter, because it can be applied to any circumstance just as peace can be part of Every circumstance.
WIth great Love, Dear Dear Father. Lots of love

The Great Ones kept their

The Great Ones kept their peace, and so they gave peace to the world.

"Do you want God or do you want to be right ?" it got imprinted in my heart so softly, it is such a powerful reminder I feel.

much love to all.

The great ones

Dearest Berit, as always in a few words you say it all. So wise,so young, so beautiful Lots of Love Jack

Inviting strife...

I am so confused. I read this and feel so bad because my life with my husband has been so awful for so long, So am I wrong in thinking that no matter how physically or verbally abusive my husband is I am the one who is bringing this into my life by my thoughts? If I am, why then don't I have the thoughts of him doing to me what happens? Am I making sense? I'm sorry If I am not. Please help me get on the right path of enlightenment.

Thank you, Rita :)

Beloved Rita, how open and

Beloved Rita, how open and honest you are.

There is the sense in which we are responsible to everyone for everything. There is also the sense in which we are at least responsible for ourselves and our own happiness. .

At the same time as we hear these statements, most of us can't see how that is possible.

You open up a lot of questions, Rita.

God tells us often how we want to change our thinking.

Do something today that gives you a little happiness, dear Rita.

Do you read Heavenletters? Do you subscribe? Please do that.

In a few days, I will do a blog ( in which I talk about something that you might find interesting.

Keep in touch.

With love and blessings,


Beloved Rita, A religious

Beloved Rita,

A religious leader wrote to me personally on your behalf. I never post for anyone, and I really wish people would post for themselves. This is an important post, and this one time I will post for someone else for your sake, dear Rita.

Here is the post:

Gloria, I have professional training in understanding abusive relationships, and from this perspective I am concerned

that your reply to Rita asks (by implication, not intending to) more of her

than God would in her situation.

Many women are killed by their abusive partners, and women are especially

at risk for being killed when they make a move to get free of the

relationship. I think it is important for Rita to seek human help and not

just to know that truly remarkable people like the one you mention can cure

somebody else's mental illness. The person in question was not himself in

personal danger from the people he worked with. He had training and a

strong sense of his own Self. Rita has none of these safeguards and

advantages. Women in abusive relationships are told by their partners

over and over that it is their fault--and your reply could be interpreted as

saying this is God's viewpoint too. However, God says in a recent

Heavenletter #3845 : June 5, 2011 "When you sacrifice your peace for the

presumed benefit of another, perhaps you are also sacrificing someone else’s

peace as well. Sacrifice is not sacred." Would

God say continuing to suffer abuse is sacred? I don't think so . I

don't think God sees suffering as sacred. Removing oneself from the

abuse, in a way that doesn't put onself or one's children at risk seems to me

to be a step God would encourage, but I don't have any Heavenletter quotations

handy to offer. There is a great difference between taking responsibility

for something and blaming oneself for it. Perhaps Rita can understand

this, but from her post, I am not confident that she can do that at this


I am not putting this comment on the blog, just writing your directly,

friend to friend.. What you wrote reflects a God-perspective that is

authentic, no question about that. However, what one hears is

determined by one's level of consciouness. If Rita is not

Godwriting, she is accepting you as speaking for God even in the blog, and I

don't think you would necessarily want her to do that in this case. Are

there any instances of personal questions people have asked where God told them

to just let themselves be abused until they could evolve to a higher level of

consciousness? Are there instances of personal questions where God

has encouraged people to change their situation by removing themselves to a safer place?

Loving you,


Do you know, dear Rita, even though I read your post several times,and even typed it over for the blog, somehow I skipped over where you mentioned physical abuse.

God bless you, dear angel.

With love, Gloria

We are to act, too, when we are abused

HL #3774 …. You Are the Ocean That Makes the Waves
„In one way, I am telling you to come to grips with life. In another way, I am telling you to lope over life.”

HL # 3713 … Who Is Responsible for Your Life?
"Chalk up hard times to experience. From every experience, you gain. Unwillingly, even painfully, you gain. You do not have to be worse for wear. You can make the choice to come out like a shining gilded rose. Your choice.
And sometimes you have hard choices to make. If you cannot let life keep going on as it is, then you have hard choices to make. Easy choices are not always the best. You may have to try a hard choice now. There may be no easy choice.
You can stay as you are and let life propel you, or you can take the rudder of your life and steer yourself through the rapids. You cannot wait for a prince on a white charger to come rescue you. Change the configuration of your life yourself. Set the course of your life.
Acknowledge your responsibility. This is a great step forward. From acknowledgement of your responsibility, change can come. If everything around you is someone else’s responsibility, then you have made yourself a victim and irresponsible.
You have also chosen your children, and they chose you. Are they not reflections of yourself? You may not want this to be true and can’t believe it, yet it is true. They may have chosen what you would not choose, and yet they are still a reflection of you.
Change the parameters of your world. Change what has to be changed. Change yourself, and when you seem to be unable to change yourself, then make the changes that need to be made. In some cases, We are talking about survival. We are talking about preventing disaster.
When you feel that life cannot keep on going on the way it is, you are often right. It may well be necessary to choose something now before choice is wrested from your hands. Your choice.”

Beloved Theophil, you

Beloved Theophil, you certainly know how to find Heavenletters. This is just what M. was looking for. Thank you. God bless you.

bringing troubles to our selves.

We allow it, because of low self esteem, not that is because, you want it,. allow, is different. When you change your attitude about how you feel toward your self, you can move forward to a better relationship. with or with our your husband. Self forgivness for any and all things, no matter what. Ask God to help you forgive your self and your loved one for short comings. We are not perfect, but with Gods help we can draw better responses, from them. Try to be positive, encouraging to both of you, to your self and him. Ask the be filled with unconditional love and let it fill your heart up to the max and overflowing, what spills over gets to all around you and others will feel it too. Be Patient, as it took time to get there, it takes time to get back from there. :)

"To be or not to be; that's the question..."

Rest always in the omnipresence of God. He said lovingly: "I will never leave you nor forsake you." If crushed by the death of a loved one, know that you hurt is being shared by the One who loves you and has brought you this far in life; To this very moment.


keep the peace

Peace calmness and foritude!

You are exactly what you are at the moment of this reading.

Some people want to be other that what they think they are.
Some people want to be shorter or taller. You are what you are. Heel help the hight!
If you don't like your very own story, then, tell a different story
Give thought to Heaven Letters message and to the forum. It will help you know.