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Just love

I have no poems in my heart,
I have no words to say.
I don't know why I have to write here.
All I know is
that my heart is full to overflowing with love,
love for all of you, inhabitants of Heaven.
This is the Love we are made of,
the Love we are meant to give.
I have to express it to you all now,
for otherwise my heart will burst.
So be blessed with God's Love
in this Christmas season, and
in the beginning of the year of Oneness.



Dearest Paula,

How beautiful this is. Exquisite. It reminds me of Godwriting. This is a treasure.

I love the tone of the poem. II love every line. I love "inhabitants of Heaven" and "the year of Oneness."

I feel love surge in my heart because of the poem you wrote, dear Paula.

Blessings and love,


Dearest Paula

Your words, your poem, as it is meant for all of us, is most definately meant for birthday is the same day as your posting date, december 22 and as you say, you're not sure exactly why you are writing only that if u don't your heart will burst...ohhh to share in love of the the love of us all...ty...con todo mi corazon...michael:)