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Certainty Is For Certain

Certainty is for certain
Everything else keeps us up in the air
Or at the feet
As if tossed adrift in a sea
Blown by the gale wind of a whim
And yet this is where certainty resides as well
Regardless if we see it
Or not
Or hear it, or feel it
It, the truth of us, is there
Is Here
In the now of nows

So what exactly is this certainty?
What's its meaning?
What's it meaning to say?
It means and says that all is well
No matter what
That no matter what's transpired
If we were hired or fired
If we fell in love
Or just fell
No matter what
All is well
The mind would say otherwise
But only the Heart is truly wise

The mind would judge an act
When the heart isn't such a compiler of "facts"
The only facts that count in the end
Is that there is no end
But a continuum
Of loves upon loves upon loves
Living it up
Even if life and love seems to be more of a drudge
For this is but an act
And drama can portray all it wants
Until the time when we truly want
Freedom in the truest sense
For all

Lest it be minced
Which is our experience when we forget whence
And when
We have our home
As love
Not so much to come
Or that's been all lost in a fuss
But Love in trust
Whole, complete
At peace
Certainty is for certain