Joy-Filled Hearts

God said:

When your heart is moved, be glad. That your heart be full is how it was intended. Your heart was made for stirring. Why would you have a heart if it were not to be warmed? And why would a heart be warmed unless it was to share its warmth?

Your heart is quite a generator. It tenders you energy. It raises you high. It moves you right along. When you are attuned to your heart, everything is easy. You simply follow your heart and whistle as you go along.

Very often My children follow their minds and call it heart. You feel grief in your heart, but it is your mind that put it there. The mind convinces you that a tragedy has happened, and so your mind burdens you, and the burden is called grief or sense of hopelessness. The mind placed its conviction in your heart and then strides off to find something else to occupy it.

When your heart is burdened, it feels bereft. All grief is the mind's imposition on your tender heart. Sometimes the mind is merciless.

The heart does not worry. That is the province of the mind. But the heart suffers for it.

Of its very nature, the heart is pure. Pure means unadulterated, but your mind would adulterate your heart, your beautiful beating heart, placed within you to soar to heights of immeasurable joy, never meant to be held down.

Your mind would make your heart tough and call it strong, but the truth is that your heart is meant to be tender, and its happiness lies in tenderness. Tenderness is the very strength of your heart. Your heart is meant to melt. Let it.

What purpose can be served in making your heart tough? Your heart is made of love, not leather.

Your heart weathers what the mind calls the storms of life. Your mind also predicts the weather. It identifies what is acceptable and what is not. The mind dooms you, and then it berates you. The mind is really not so smart as it thinks. Your mind is not the making of you. Your heart is.

Only when your heart is closed or partially closed at the mind's instigation can it be deluged. When your heart is open, everything passes through its chambers and nothing gets stuck there.

Sometimes it seems like the mind tries to do a study, as if to see how much heartache a human heart can hold, and the mind keeps sneaking more in, or stuffing more in without a care. The mind, of course, thinks it is right, and meanwhile your heart weeps. There is a great difference when the heart weeps for joy than when it weeps for woe. Truly, the mind is not to disbar your heart from happiness. The mind is so occupied with seeing ruins, it has influenced your heart outrageously.

Today take your heart in your own hands. Let your busy mind add up columns while you occupy your heart with love and joy and all the wondrous things that it was made for. Let not your mind divert your heart from its unbounded right of joy.

What is the good of suffering to any degree anyway? You already know that mostly it is wasted. Suffering has been a double whammy, a knock-out delivered by a pronouncement from mass mind, and your mind promotes it. Your sweet heart thought it was to pick up whatever the mind delivered to it and adopt it as its own, but suffering does not belong in your heart.

There is that within you that is unassailable. Your body can be struck, but not the truth of you. Do not suffer suffering any longer, beloveds. Give heartache a hug and kiss goodbye, and leap over to joy.

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