Beyond Image

God said:

You are like a star on earth. From great heights, I see you as light sparkling. You give Me the same sweet essence of joy that starlight gives to you. Look up at the stars often, and you will begin to see how it can be that your lighted soul palpitates My heart.

Also from My nearness to you, contained in every breath of yours, I see you as the sparkling light that you are. Neither distance nor closeness keeps Our mutual light from dancing.

Look up at the stars often, and you will begin to know that the light reflected from the stars is the same light as yours. That which receives starlight vibrates to it. Only one who is so lit can resonate with the light of the stars. All of My children on earth are earthlight. Even in your physical body, you are much more than density. You are light on light. The light you are is reflected everywhere, just as the waves of the ocean are lit by moonlight and sunlight. And when the moon has turned its face away, its light on the ocean is not seen and yet it remains. Perhaps the waves have absorbed the moonlit night, and hold the light ready to bounce off the sun's and the moon's. Light is always in readiness.

All light is a reflection of My Light. You no less than the stars. The sun no more than you. And the moon, reflector of light, no more nor less than you. All light, reflected and absorbed, is Mine. And what is Mine is also yours.

In every cell of your body is light. And the light within you emanates.

Hallow-ed be light that shines on you, and hallow-ed be the light you shine, for all light is Mine. I created you a creature of light. I created you from light. Even dust is light. I created you of earth and I created you of light. From the light of My heart and My breath, I created you. I created you Spirit. I gave you Mine, and, therefore, it is I who walks on earth in an assumed form. I poured Myself into every pore of your being. I could not keep Myself out. I created Myself, seemingly again and again. I created you once and forevermore. I created you from My Love, and My Love you are.

Because you see yourself distant from the stars does not mean that you are not one yourself. There is a great galaxy of stars on earth, and your light is not hidden from Me. Perhaps from yourself. Perhaps from others. Let My light that is within you dawn, so that you may see once and for all Who you are and What you are made of.

I do not speak of potential. I speak of Truth. You are My light on earth. I am everywhere, and that makes you wholeness and everywhere as well. We are integrated, so integrated that any sense of distance can only be illusion. But closeness is also an aspect of distance, so closeness is illusion. Oneness is true. Oneness is Allness. Allness is Oneness. We always meet, and yet there is no meeting because We have never been not met.

Our hearts hold hands so to speak, but really all hearts are held in Mine. All souls are divinely Mine, seemingly parceled out to seeming individuals with all too-seeming egos. Ego is identification with the body and away from Truth. Identify with Me. I gave you an identity card with My Name on it. Accept that it is current. It can never be out of date. It is My picture you carry. I made you in My image which is Light. I replicated My Light. Therefore I am you, and you are I. As hard as it is to believe, Oneness alone is. There is nothing more, and there is nothing else.