True Being

God said:

Your existence extends far beyond the dimensions of your body. Your existence extends far beyond the dimensions of the room you sit in, beyond the perimeters of your state, your country, your galaxies. Citizen of the World and Citizen of the Universe do not begin to express your vastness. We can say that you exist in many realms all at once. We could equally say you are realmless. We can say that you are spirit, soul, heart. We can say that you are existence itself. And yet you are beyond existence. You are Being.

Existence has a flatness. Being expresses an upsurge of energy. Who wants to just exist when you are Being. Being is silent and immovable, yet you are Being that moves. You walk in Being. Your Being flows from you like the train of an elegant ball-gown.

You are Being of My Heart. You are My Being temporarily housed in a Human body. The body is simply a cart that appears to carry you around, as if you were nothing without it. But you are Something. You are Something all right. You are Being.

We cannot call you a Citizen of Heaven, although Heaven is your natural domain, because Heaven does not have citizens. There is no naturalization process. Lighted souls called Angels live in Heaven, and all souls are lighted, and all souls have their counterpart in Me and dwell in Heaven. No one takes your place here.

On earth, soul light can be seen to dim, but it can never be extinguished. Think of it. Everyone on earth has a soul. Everyone on earth is a Soul-Being. Whether ranked high or low in earth terms, no matter what the basis, each soul co-habits with Me. There is no one on earth who does not have access to Me. All have the code. The code is your Being. Your access is assured. You cannot exit from the Heart of Being. You could only bump your head on the door, if there were a door, but there are no doors in Heaven because Heaven is wide-open.

These little images you have of yourself are out of date. They never were any use to you. Now is time to take new pictures of yourself in magnificent light. Even so, no picture of you on earth can reveal your wealth of beauty nor do justice to it. Your beauty is incomprehensible to you while scratch marks seem understandable and accepted as the norm.

Life on earth often does not make sense. Justice is often not seen.

In Heaven justice does not exist. In order for justice to exist in Heaven, there would have to be injustice, so neither justice nor injustice is compatible in Heaven. Heaven is where there is nothing but love, Divine Love at that. The reality of love is Divine. There is no love but Divine Love.

When you are in love, you get a small but strong sample of love itself. There isn't anything that love cannot do for you, but love on earth seems to be letting go of your defenses against love. You may have feared that love disintegrates you when it is love and love alone that puts you together.

My Love made you love. You were made of love. Love, light — they are your True Being. You are nothing but True Being, only you have placed assumptions over your Light.

Even though individuality is a pastime of illusion, there is no one else on the whole wide earth just like you. You are exquisite. No matter what your impression of yourself is, you are an expression of the Inexpressible, and so is everyone else.

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