Joseph's Coat of Many Colors

God said:

You ride the waves of life and yet you are the immovable bottom of the ocean. Sometimes you are aware of this stillness that you are settled in. More often you are aware of the waves that leap like fishes.

The waves are no departure from you. They are not baseless. They are not waves that have nothing to do with you. They emanate from you, but at the same time as the waves emanate from you and roll themselves out and play like fishes, you are still that stillness at the bottom of the ocean, and the waves do not ruffle you. They are just waves. Water churned. You are still the ocean, and while the waves sport around, you remain the still deep waters of the ocean.

We do not count the waves because they are uncountable. They leap and change before your very eyes, and so We count Oneness from which the ebullience of you comes. The foam and the waves are but the spouting of you.

You are like pastry dough that is rolled out. Whatever shape you are rolled into, your basic nature is the same, only you are rolled out. You are still intact. The shape of the dough does not make it less dough.

You are like beautiful cloth that is made into a dress or gown or coat or parachute. But whatever is made of you, you are still the cloth from which you are made.

Joseph's coat of many colors is but a reflection of what the Human being truly is. His coat was not just something donned. The many brilliant colors of his coat revealed his inner being. You are the bearer of that coat. It fits you. Your Father gave it to you.

You are the rainbow of My heart. You encircle the earth, and you radiate My light. What more is there to say? What more can I make of you than you already are?

What is it you wait for? I have already given you everything. I have given you My word, And I have given you My word that what I say is true.

I say that you are made in My image. I do not say that you are less than My image. I say you are a reflection of Me. You are made of Me. I am the Light in your mirror.

You are worth more than your weight in gold. Your worth cannot be weighed. But what you are worth is incomprehensible to you. But My love you can wield. My love you can begin to grasp. And My love is the worth of you.

What I say is true. What I do not say is not true. I have said it all. I have said it a hundred times. I have said it every which way. I have said you are golden to Me, and that you are far more than gold and its shine, for you are the revelation of Me.

If you think less of yourself than what I say, you have not looked at the truth of yourself. You have looked at your demeanor. You have looked at what other people see. Now it is time that you look at what I say. Look at what I see.

I am not fooled by those outer waves of you. I know from where you have come. I know your Source as I know Myself. I have not forgotten you. I have not forgotten Who you are. I fashioned you.

But you have forgotten. And you scoff at what I say. You believe distortion more than you believe Truth.

Why would I say this if it were not true? I do not play such games with you. I would not lead you astray. I would not take advantage of you. I would not fool you. I would not take you to a mirage and tell you it is real and leave you there in disillusionment. I do everything to take you away from that stunning delusion that you are less than I say you are.

You are My coat of many colors.