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It is now

Hello my name is Johanne. I have a few comments posted in "Heavenletters" and I would like to make proper acquaintance!

My Spiritual journey is a very very LONG one! As far as I can remember I have ALWAYS been very attracted to God. I tell you even I have very faint memory of my accepting God's mission for my trip to earth... In that memory I see myself "not forgetting" from where I had come (my divine essence?) Again, in that faint memory God reassures me that He will bring to my awareness a book (A Course in Miracles?) that will be of great help to me and revive the Spirit I lost when I became mortal. These impressions are very faint indeed but I believe they are true.
I've had a very difficult time searching for truth and God. It seems I could never find rest until I would get to this knowledge!!

I'm here now. I struggle still to come into my inheritance. There are days where I feel quite lost, I wish it were not so... I need healing in my mind and heart. I have forgotten how to open up to LOVE.

Oh Johanne...thank you for

Oh Johanne...thank you for your honest, open introduction. There is so much on this many promps and catalysts to assist in discovering one's divinity. The heavenletters are most divine! Read them often...they are great "Heart Openers". May you be blessed and loved every single moment on your path. The treasure that you are within...your own sacred loving heart...of Johanne...of God. Loving and blessing you, Jimi.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Dearest Johanne, you are so

Dearest Johanne,

you are so sweet, I think in a way or other we all struggle to come into our divine inheritance, although our seperateness is only an illusion. Heavenletters are so overwhelming with God's love, so sweet that they will do all the healing to all the hearts that read them and that awaits every new day eagerly the new message of love from God.
I too love cats dear Johanne, and I have some. You will see that here are many more Angels that love cats and all animals ! Enjoy this Heavensite for it is indeed HEAVEN !

Love and blessings to you dear

Hi Johanne ~ welcome to this

Hi Johanne ~ welcome to this beautiful Heavenly forum.
It is so nice to make your aquaintance! :)

Whenever we feel lost, we have only temporalily forgotten our way.
In truth we cannot really get lost, for there is nowhere to go to.
All Is now/here!

Just pause and be still.
Stop looking and searching outside of yourself, and know that you are your own teacher.
The Love (ie God) you are seeking lives within you.

"Be still and know that I Am God!"

Sending much Love and many Blessings your way Johanne,
and a gift of Love...

Running round in circles
Seeking here and there
Looking for life’s purpose
Its secret yearn to share

Endless one-way streets
Going nowhere fast
Searching for the answer
None better than the last

Time has come to stop now
Cease and be at rest
The power you are seeking
Is neither East nor West

No need to travel endless miles
No need to roam at all
Your purpose lies within you
It’s buried in your Soul

So close your eyes and go within
And seek your inner Self
That is where the answer lies
A fountain of such wealth

The way you seek is simply Love
The source of All That Is
Love is the answer to all things
Embrace it with a kiss

And then you’ll change the pattern
From circles round and round
And journey on intended path
A spiral now is found

Sweet mystery of life is Love
So simple yet so true
You need no other teacher than
The Love that lives in you




Hello Johanne and most

Hello Johanne and most welcome to this Heaven forum!

I think you are at the right place. Here you will find plenty of Love :wub: and if you stay long enough, your heart will open more and more and you will remember the source of Love :wub: you carry within you.

As you can see in the different posts, there is plenty of creativity and talent around, like for example, Mary's beautiful gift to you.

I welcome you also as another Canadian and lover of cats! :thumbup:

Enjoy your stay here and receive a big (((((HUG))))) from me,

Thank-you so much for a warm

Thank-you so much for a warm welcome. It is heartwarming to be amongst You.
Blessings upon you!