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A Heavenly Christmas

Hallo all and Merry Christmas.

May this Christmas bring you Joy, Light, Love, Hope and Faith.
I am relatively new here and haven’t got the chance to explore this wonderful, friendly forum yet. I wonder if there is a way to subscribe to a daily digest to my email so I would be able to easily browse through all the beautiful shares.

As I just wrote to Gloria this is the most Wonderful Christmas ever for me, a Heavenly Christmas. I adore what Gloria does and I love to be a part of it. Christmas is one of those perfect times of year to look back and summarize what we’ve been through lately, to think of where we’ve been, where we’ve traveled and where we find ourselves now. And when I look back I am content. I see quite a change for the better, an opening up to people and Love, and an accepting embrace to Life as it is, a growing Trust that the natural unfolding of events is all for the better.

I believe Heavenletters are a truly Divine gift that Gloria shares so generously with all who wants to listen. I am very grateful that I found Heavenletters, an ever flowing spring of wisdom that helps me tackle with every day life, be there for my brothers and sisters and bring about our Oneness. They bring Peace and Light into my life. Thank God for Gloria and the Heavenletters.

I was delighted to find God’s Cosmic Love letter for the Now generator – it is awesome!

Dearest Vanya, may the new

Dearest Vanya,

may the new year bring you love, joy, faith and many many divine gifts and divine plays!
I'm enjoying every single minute of being home and just float into the day graciously :Rolleyes:

Heavenletters are truly a divine gift and divine blessing. Gloria is a most wonderful and sweet Angel and Divine Messenger ! :wub:

I love this forum and all sweet Angels who post. It is so uplifting, it helps me to make progress and I love the sweet souls here for their unique special characteristic way in which each one expresses love and divinity. :wub:

A big hug to you !! :big