It Is Called Earth

God said:

You think you are a forager on earth. In truth, you are a giver to earth. Certainly, it is reciprocal, your life on earth. You forage through life, and you also give to the world. You deliver the world.

You bring the world to the world. You tell it about itself. You paint pictures of it. You jump up and down on it, and you whirl it around.

You would rather think that the world makes you. Or that you are an innocent bystander, or an appalled bystander. Surely you will accept that you have something to do with the world. If not of your making, at least of your partaking.

You see yourself as whipped about by the world. You see yourself whipped about by life, as it appears to be. You fear you are a victim of the world, and so you hesitate to be the sovereign being I say you are. You hold on to fear and let go of trust.

A forager is a wanderer. A forager wanders and searches. Be a giver to the world and walk about it with a firm step and purpose.

A giver to the world, the same way as a forager, will reach up to pluck a ripe berry, but a giver gives as he trods his way upon the earth. At the very least, he gives his appreciation to the trees and the berries that grow on them and the branches that reach down and offer themselves.

Tell the earth what it is. Tell it what a great provider. Don't bemoan the world or rail against it. Be its friend. Look upon it as a friend.

Do not consider yourself superior to the world. Do not be snobbish about it. Do not condescend to it. Do not patronize it. Do not consider the world a beggar, and you the benefactor. The world benefits you. Do not carp about the world. Do not point out its faults. Feed it.

Appreciate what there is to appreciate. There is much. The more you appreciate, the more there will be to appreciate. The more you find fault, the more fault there will be to find. Give that which you wish to have. You do not want fault. Stop finding it.

Look for that which you wish to bring to you.

There are many gifts awaiting you today.

Look inside the package. The package is not the gift. Within the wrappings lies the gift.

Open the world today.

Notice its light.

The world is a great gift.

And you are opening it.

It is you who has to see what is there and what it offers to you. Give to the world a heightened perception. Do not discard the world because of its trappings. Love the world because it is a gift given to you. Cast your light upon the world.

Find its sweetness.

There is more to you than the eye can see. There is more to the world than you have seen. There is more to life than you have allowed yourself to see.

This is your world. It is as much yours as it is that of any king or queen. No one owns it, but yet it is yours. It does not own you, yet you live there.

You rent the world for a time. And it lets you be there. Like an apartment, you can make the world brighter during the term of your lease. You can leave it more beautiful than you found it. You don't have to live in it just as it is. You can refurbish. You can adorn. You can make where you are beautiful. Put a star on your door. Bless the home you live in. It is called earth.