God said:

Prayer is more than words. It is an exchange of thought. Yours for Mine. Consider prayer as less a plea and more of an offering. I do not mean that when you feel a great need that you should not express it to Me, for of course I want you to. I want you to express all to Me, but not only your needs. I am not merely a 911 Rescuer that you call when you have need.

It is natural and normal for you to come to Me. It is a given. It is no special out-of-the-way event. Talk to Me every day. Include Me in your life. It is not necessary to make Me a special one-day event or to save Me for only something important or important enough.

You are important to Me. Your well-being is important to Me.

Do not save Me up. Do not wait until there is a big occasion you must turn over to Me because you don't know what else to do. Turn yourself over to Me every day.

Start to think of Me as One Whom you tell your happiness to. Look for happy events and thoughts to tell Me about. Please don't save Me for just the drear.

And I do not mean a formal thank-You instead of a plaint either. You don't have to pour out thanks to Me for being God. What else can I be? I am God, and I am your God. I am here for you.

You don't lavish thanks on a bus driver. It is his job to give you a ride.

Do not limit your time with Me. Do not limit your approach to Me. Say what is in your heart.

I do not ask you to mumble words. Mumble them if you like, but that is not a necessity. And that is not to say that mumbling My Name is without value, for there is great value in saying My name. The sounding of My name raises you to a higher vibration. But there is more to it than that.

Although words pass between Us, more than words pass between Us. More than thoughts. In truth, there is only one thing that can pass between Us, whatever its form.

What are We made of, you and I? What We are made of is what can pass between Us. And you know that is love. We exchange love. Love is Our medium. I know no other. And you are learning to love. And I am a good One to start with, don't you think? You are re-learning to love. You are remembering love. Re-start with Me.

You are safe with Me. With Whom can you share if not with Me?

Prayer is sharing yourself with Me. Sharing yourself with Me does not make you a lowly penitent. It makes you a child of God. Prayer simply acknowledges Our relationship, a relationship that already is. You are not asking Me to be your faithful God. I already am. You are not asking Me to hear you. I already do. You are not asking Me to bestow special favor upon you, for I already pour blessings upon you.

When you talk to Me in prayer, when you lend your heart to Mine, you get clearer. In prayer, you are looking to get clearer. That is your true plea to Me. Truly, you are not looking for only gifts.

What you give to Me is yourself, your beautiful self. You extend yourself to Me. Unload your heart, and I will fill it.

I need no token from you for your prayers. But if you wish to pay Me, let your life after prayer betoken Me. Let your heart renewed be token to Me. Let your thoughts be token to Me.

We exchange Truth, you and I. That is what We do.