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Tina to God:

Dear God, I just now got to read April 6 and 7 Heavenletters. Ginger's transition out of the physical has gotten Gloria to open the doors wider and let more truth come flying in.

I appreciate very much being saturated with the truth in an area that is so hard to release: attachment. My mind and heart are soaking it up big time. All the attention to this topic is like a springtime feasting for my heart and mind. God, you are plowing up our old ways of thinking and planting the seeds for new growth.

The Wedding of Heaven and Earth

God said:

That you are responsible to everyone for everything means that you are the host and welcomer of all to the universe. You are to leave no one out. This world is for everyone, not only for some. There is no room for elitism. All have been elected to be residents in the world. This is short-term residence, and yet there are no limits. There are no immigration papers nor qualifications required, for, if you are here on Earth, you are qualified. You were issued your citizenship papers, as it were, before you were born. I chose you from infinite possibilities, and yet I chose you.

You Are a Love-Giver

God said:

Will you think of Me today with all your heart? Will you let this be a God day? Will you lean towards Me today? Will you put your head on My shoulder? Will you keep Me in your vision? Wherever you are and whatever you do, may I be the banner you wave?

Will you hold Me in good stead today?

Will you remember Me, and remember you, and remember Our Holy Alliance? Will you spread it out before you like a map? Wherever you look on this map, what does it say? What is the one word identifying every spot? Can you read it? Can you remember it?

To Our Oneness

God said:

Publish has to do with making public. Public means the people. Heaven is published for the people. Publish means more than printing. It means disseminating. It means airing, in this case, on the airwaves of the connecting fulsomeness of the Internet.

Whatever is done for the people is done for Me, for all that is done is done for Me. How simple is Our connection! It may seem intricate because of its subtlety, but it is simple. All is a going out or a coming in. All is inhale, exhale, or exhale, inhale. There is no more than that.

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