To Our Oneness

God said:

Publish has to do with making public. Public means the people. Heaven is published for the people. Publish means more than printing. It means disseminating. It means airing, in this case, on the airwaves of the connecting fulsomeness of the Internet.

Whatever is done for the people is done for Me, for all that is done is done for Me. How simple is Our connection! It may seem intricate because of its subtlety, but it is simple. All is a going out or a coming in. All is inhale, exhale, or exhale, inhale. There is no more than that.

All is a handshake. All is connecting, connecting to that which you are already connected to. Connecting means touching. Your very act of reaching out is accepting. Truly, there is one motion, for reaching out or bringing in are sides of one act. There is no separation in giving or receiving, for all is One. There is one whole. Nothing is singular. All is universal.

There is one breath, and it is Mine, and you breathe it. The one child of Mine breathes it.

You are learning your unity. Unity is with Me, and it is with one another. Learning is a lovely unfolding. Learning is recognition. It is awareness, awareness of truth. And you learn truth in layers. There are no layers, but that is how you learn truth. You peel it off from different angles. You lift up corners of it, and you peek.

You are afraid of being caught in a vortex beyond your control. That is exactly what life is. It is a vortex of My energy, and you play in it. You are magnetized to the Oneness of Me. You are held in midair. There is nothing but this vortex of Us.

You might as well fly high. You are off the ground in any case. You are a sailor in life on the High Seas. You are in the grips of a fate called love. There are many names for Our Oneness, but there is only one Oneness. There is only one motion in life, and it is towards Me.

You are fleeing towards Me. You flee only the fringes of life, and I am the Center you rise to or fall to, for there is no up, and there is no down. Rising is in your awareness, for you are inalterably stationed deeply within My waiting heart. My heart waits for your awareness of God's honest truth.

Deep within a secret place in your heart lies your awareness of truth. You keep it secret like a little bird in your hand that you treasure. And now is when you let that little bird fly out from your heart, and you make Heaven public. You are My person who blazes Me across the bumbling world. All of you are My one person who executes My Will.

You are building a pyramid. You are triangulating the world. You are bringing it to a peak. All hands are up, lifting Earth to Heaven. It is My Earth you lift. Life is lifting Earth to Heaven, and you are the one who lifts Oneness to Itself. You are making the Heavenliness of Earth public. That is what your love is, a public rising to truth.

You publish your heart.

Your heart is in secret no longer.

Your heart is published to your heart across the universe.

My heart and your heart are the same.

This is what you must discover. This is what you are discovering. There is no difference between you and Me except in your mind. There is no difference on Earth because all is Oneness of My heart. Seek to display this Oneness. A banner extolling the Oneness of Me sails across the sky for all to see and call it their own, for this Oneness is Ours.

When you read a book, you are trying to find out what you think. Your consciousness reads a book that a part of you wrote in a different hand in a different point of space and time, but you wrote it, and you read it now to find out what you wrote then. You are not really a different person from the one who wrote the book you hold in your hand. You are that person. In a different body, you are that person.

All the actors on stage are you.

You wrote all the plays.

You star in all the movies.

Who in the world is there besides you?

I do not know anyone else. I know you. And you are I, reflecting on an ocean of life. And you are the ocean. The waves wave Me here and there, but there is the One Ocean. You lift the ocean. You lift you to yourself for all to see.

You are a delightful toast I raise to Myself. I raise My glass so high that no one misses the sight of it, and all clink their cups with Mine. This is a unique toast We make. We clink stars. We clink the Sun and the Moon. We clink to Our Impermeable Oneness. To Our Oneness!

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