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An inspiring woman

Although it's in chinese, The message is passed through clearly.

Look at her level of function...Another win of mind over matter

Dearest Hagi, I wonder if

Dearest Hagi, I wonder if you would tell us more. I believe you that this is wonderful, and yet, because of time commitments, the chances of my following the link are limited. But I always read every word you say!

With love and blessings,


Thank you Gloria for you

Thank you Gloria for you encouragement. It is so heart warming to know that you read what I write :O)

This chinese woman have NO HANDS, And even though, She is working, Taking care of herself and her family (Growing food, Cooking and much more). The look on her face tells it all. She does not seems to feel a "lesser" person because of disability, And if a picture is worth a 1000 words, Youtube video worth at least a million :O)

Dearest Hagi, I can only

Dearest Hagi,
I can only repeat what I already said: YOU ARE A REAL BLESSING
I love your postings, it's so good to see things from different angle.
Thank you, beautiful soul !

Thank you so much Berit for

Thank you so much Berit for your kind words :big

Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this video Hagi!
Amazing all that this woman can do with her feet, it seems there is hardly anything she can not do! What an empowering example for people with disabilities.

Here in Canada, we have a publishing company (Rehandart) that prints greeting cards for sale, from pictures painted by mouth or by foot by artists who have no use of hands or arms. There seems to exist a world-wide association of 'Mouth and Foot Painting Artists' and they gather from time to time, for a convention in different parts of the world. One year, it took place in Vancouver (Canada) and I went to see their exhibit of some of the original paintings. I was in awe of how beautiful and detailed they were! Videos were also shown of some of the artists at work. Again, I was filled with awe and admiration.
Do you have anything similar in Israel?

Hey Xenia :O) Yes, There is

Hey Xenia :O)

Yes, There is an organisation of the mouth and foot artists here in Israel. I used to get a mail from them once a year with greeting cards or calendar with their painting and their asking for a donation. I don't get it from them anymore, Maybe because I was sometime cheap... :O)
I saw this amazing 3 foot man in a wheelchair :
off-subject as it was, It was a Pick Up Artist seminar, For helping man understand how to interact better with women, And his insights and the way he told things was heart touching, And not from a place of feeling sorry for him, But from much better place.

Wish us all a GREAT weekend,

H. :O)

WOW, what a gift to the

WOW, what a gift to the world this man must be!
I'm sure, he must have more impact upon his audience then a non-disabled person. Also, he seems to be deep, heart felt and humorous. Imagine, how many peoples lives he might have changed!

Thanks for sharing and GREAT weekend to you and yours too,