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Money Generator !!!

I've used a process by Abraham-Hicks called "The wallet process", Which generally you put a 100$ bill in your wallet and then you MENTALLY spent it few times a day on everything that you see that you like, Like a meal...A pair of shoes...A nice Watch...You get the drift....And it helps you resonate with the vibration of abundance so you can attract it to you and experience it.Now since this process was very succesful for me in the past year that I'm using it, I wanted to upgrade it to the next level and put more money in my wallet.
So I found this site which can help you generate money with any picture you like in the bill...(I've printed an 500 original euro bill picture from the net, But I found this site to be cute, And you can stick some bills like it on your imagination board....)

Enjoy and feel prosperous :O)

P.S. check out their hilarious Poem generator...