Innocence, Trust, and Faith

God said:

Innocence and trust, one comes from the other. Innocence does not guarantee a particular outcome in the world. Innocence and trust do not necessarily make what you want to happen happen. They are not guarantees.

Think of innocence and trust more as how you greet what does arrive, for in innocence your eyes are wide open, and you do not allocate judgment and opinions. You are open. You are finding out.

The only guarantee of complete trust you have is with Me. Then it is not trust but knowledge. Then it is not knowledge but truth. What is the knowing of truth but faith? Faith is not blind; it is all-knowing. You do not have trust in what is already true and known. There is no need to have trust in what is a known certainty.

Whatever occurs, you know you are not out of My sight and care. Furthermore, you know you are in safety always because I am with you. Nothing can happen to you, for you are in the core of My heart. Things you do not want to happen may happen, but they happen around you, not to you. Even your body is around you. Whatever happens to it, you are inviolate.

That is how you can trust and be innocence before what comes no matter what comes. You do not always know how one event flows off another, or what disguises blessings come in.

Innocence is like the opening of doors. Non-innocence is assuming that doors are closed, or closed to you, and you don't even try to open them. You eliminate yourself from what is on the other side of the door. Your mind has eliminated you. Even a door could say Locked, and not be locked. Innocence, contrary to what you may have thought, is not believing everything you've heard. It is seeing for yourself with eyes wide open. Innocence explores what life holds. Innocence takes a step because innocence does not assume it knows it all already.

Innocence is open to opportunity. In innocence, you have trust in life and yourself. Innocence is clear glass. It looks not for reasons or justification. It looks to open the world before it.

Innocence is a divining rod.

Innocence relishes.

When innocence finds that a door is locked, it does not take that leftover information and apply it to the next door. Each door is new. And each door opens to possibilities. And sometimes innocence tries the same door again for it may not have been locked but only stuck. But innocence does not bang its head.

Even if innocence finds one-hundred doors closed, it tries the hundred and first with alacrity.

Innocence is water flowing. It is not dense matter. In water, light can be seen. Innocence is light seeing itself.

We always come back to light, for from light you have come. And light you recognize.

I hold My light high so that all may see it.

And you are My light, and I hold you high.

Innocence is closer to Me, for I am the Innocent of All. I trust where others may not. I, Who am innocent, see innocence. I see your innocence. I see you washed of past beliefs. I see you in your truth of innocence. I see past your disguises, and I see Myself shining brightly in you. And I like to look at Myself in you, the you of Myself, for you are the reflection of Me in the mirror of the world.

You probably see distortions in the mirrors you look in, but that is your lack of innocence. You have believed in the distortions. Now you will exchange your beliefs for truth.

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Hello Friends,

God said trust in Me
Exchange your beliefs for Truth
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