An Echo of God's Song

God said:

One God means One God now and forever. I am the God of your fathers, and I am the God of your children. I am the Only God in existence that ever was or ever will be, although My names are many. My name does not matter. I matter. My existence matters, for so long as I exist (which is forever) so do you also because We exist in Oneness.

We have never been separated. We are never separate. Not in time nor space are We apart. We are incapable of separation. You can have — and have had — the thought of separation, but thoughts are changeable. Truth is not.

Turn your thoughts from loneliness to Oneness. Nothing else has to be changed but your thoughts. Pluck different thoughts. Used thoughts no longer serve you. They have served their purpose, wore out and are useless now. Replace them. Throw them out. Reward yourself with new thoughts, useful thoughts.

You consider yourself a practical person. Then be practical and know Our Oneness, for it is Ours, yours and Mine. We are combined until there is no difference between Us, for We are One. We are paints blended and nothing can be removed from the other. We must be taken together, for We are blended together. There is no line between us.

Unlike Our metaphor for paint, there never was a line between Us. We never had to be mixed, for We were always One. Wholeness is wholeness. Only you have been distracted from it. You got caught up in the physical realm of existence which is the same as to say nonexistence, which is the same as to say appearance. You have been caught up in appearances.

What appears must be so, you say. What seems must be, you say. What you think of must exist, you say. What you see must exist. What you hear must have sounded. And so forth. And your intellect can prove it, you say. And you make lists.

But you are talking about only the surface that you have seen and touched and heard.

But even the surface is beautiful. It is especially beautiful when you can see the light beyond it, the light beyond it that lights it up, causes it to be lit. Therefore the light beyond is not light beyond. It is light present. It is light within and light without.

And all is My light, so it is Ours. It is shared light, but shared to such an extreme that We cannot call it shared, for does One share with Himself? or Herself? The concept of share requires the concept of two or more, and I have just told you that We are One.

But, of course, you think I exaggerate. I do not. I am literal.

All numbers add up to One.

Or you can say zero if you prefer. But zero is everythingness. It is not emptiness unless you call light empty. Of course, you can call Oneness any number you want, and that does not change anything.

You are a whirling star.

You are a meteor.

You, in a form, are light shining, burning bright, and the light of you shines throughout the entire universe of existence. There is One Light, so what I say must be so. If We are One light, We are It.

Yet you say there is so much difference between Us, you and I. Superficial differences are not differences. They are appearances. And you have been cudgeled by appearances. You think you are a dot, but you are beyond dot. The individuality you think you are is a dot, but the I of you is undotted. It is undottable. But you think otherwise.

You think you sit somewhere in a small space. Small space does not exist any more than does large space. There is no space, but taken from your view, as if space is real, physical matter cannot lessen space. Do you see the illusions you have bought? You think walls are real. But the walls are also light, and all light is Ours. If I say "Mine", as I am tempted to do, you will extract yourself from the word "Mine" and remove yourself, so I will continue to say "Ours". All light is. That is enough to know. Only light is. The packaging of light is only packaging. Do you think I can be limited? Do you think I can be restrained?

If I cannot, then you cannot. You can have the appearance of restraint, but light moves beyond restraint. There is no restraint for the light of Our Oneness. You think you are only an echo of My song, but you are My song. I sing you.