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Inclusive or Exclusive?

Inclusive or Exclusive?

Scott, the Universe, the God Force, the I AM is not a God of exclusivity or one that excludes, but only includes or is inclusive. My nature and my being permeate and radiate this throughout all of creation and nature as you know it. In fact, the universe does nothing but say YES TO ALL, ALL THE TIME. There is no such thing as NO with the divine, it is always YES.

I don’t have some that I “earmark” for destruction because they are not mine. I don’t have those that I play favorites with, or who are special to me. You are all my children and I see you all as my equals. Even God itself does not look at itself as any different as I see you. That is hard for you to believe, I know. Somehow, you have confused me with having the human ego that you operate in most of the time. I hear your prayers; I see your motives and the request of your beings. I know that this exclusivity has been ingrained within your psyche for years.

It is as if you see me as loving some and hating others. The have’s and the have not’s. But this is not the case my beloved. All are special to me. All are unique and different, yet all the same to the divine. Why would I classify some as in, and others, as without? Why would some be special and others not as special? Why do you in your humanness think that I am like you?

As humans you are taught to be judicial in your perceptions. You are taught this prejudice from your earliest days. Mommy loved my brothers and sisters more than me. Daddy loved so and so more than me. Daddy always plays with my brother but he does not play with me…I hear you say. Daddy has a prejudice of who he likes more than the other siblings and the same with mommy. This is common in human behavior, but is not common, not even in the mind of God.

I say YES to you only. I never say NO to you. It is always this way with me my beloved. I cannot ever say no to you ever. It would be like saying no to me, and why would I treat myself like that?

My arms are open wide to you, ALL OF YOU, ALL THE TIME! I do not treat you as your earthly parents who played favorites. You are ALL MY FAVORITES, ALL THE TIME! I include all into my gospel. There are none that are excluded. ALL ARE INCLUDED IN MY GOSPEL OR MY THEOLOGY. ALL ARE MINE AND ARE IN MY SAFETY AND CARE ALL THE TIME.

You have believed for too long that God is loving some and hating others. I only have love in me. I can be no other way. I am faithful to my promise to you all the time. My promise to you is this…”I love you without any conditions”. “I love you when you are bad, or unlovable, and I love you when you are good”. I love you when you think I shouldn’t love you, and I love you when you think you are special too. There is only love in my world for you. I always include you, and never exclude you. If you think otherwise, you are wrong. When you change your mind you will see and we will see eye to eye on this.

Why not agree with me right now my child? Why not think of me as one who can only love you all the time? Why not cast off forever all that you have been taught by those outside yourself? Why believe the lie of humanity that says God plays favorites. God loves some and hates others…Why believe this lie?

Are you projecting your behavior onto God? Are you relating me to you? If so, it will lead you to believe this error of humanity. It will lead you to believe I am Exclusive, when I am really Inclusive of you. You were created with this human veil that convinces you of something different than the truth that I hold. You either must believe God is really Good, or the other.

If you believe the other about me than you had better “pack your bags” and “get out of Dodge”, as you would say. You had better leave now before God’s anger is really kindled against you. If you believe what only the church tells you, or the clergy tells you about me, you had better run now as if I am chasing you in my fury.

This is not the nature of the divine, my beloved. This is something you believed. Do you want to know something? Every belief, is really only a belief that you create? If you believe something strong enough, it becomes solidified in your psyche and it becomes your reality. Do you think I will judge you for a mis-belief or a mis-creation? No, I cannot do this to you my blessed child. Do you think that some doctrine of the church or religion will separate you from me? NOTHING CAN SEPARATE YOU FROM ME!

Why would I judge you for a mis-belief about me? A mis-belief starts with just a thought. It starts with a shadow of doubt. Because you are human, and you wear the veil of humanality, you tend to think that I think like you. If that were the case you would all be in deep “do do” as you would say. The scriptures and writings of others can be very beneficial to your belief system, or they can be very detrimental to you as well.
You have said before, you cannot believe everything you read.

Your heart knows the truth because it is always connected to the divine. You have been taught to listen to your mind instead. The mind is a filter. The mind, or specifically the brain, filters all things through the filters of learning and experience. The brain is not the mind of God. The brain only try’s to interpret the mind of God. The mind of God is internal within each and every one of you, and you call it, the inner being or the heart. The heart of God is the mind of God. They are always in sync and in harmony with each other. They are never in conflict.

Your brain or what you refer to as the mind will always be clouded with mis-beliefs and mis-perceptions. Your brain is not always accurate and in-sync with my divine mind. My mind is always accurate. Line up your mind with my mind and you will experience joy unspeakable. Don’t make the mistake of mis-creating my identity or mis-creating my nature. These mis-creations will only bring you the opposite of joy. That which I am not, not that which I AM.

I am integris and you can trust me. How about changing your mis-beliefs about me? Please quit seeing me as your enemy, as your foe. Start seeing me rather as your biggest fan and supporter of you. Start seeing me rather as your loving heavenly Father-Mother God. Start seeing me as one who includes all and not just the special few. Start seeing me through the eyes of Spirit, which are the eyes of the heart. Come let us reason together. Ask that you start seeing eye to eye with how I view and see you my beloved.




Submitted by: D. Scott Arant

I am speechless! So, it's

I am speechless! So, it's true that God really speaks to and through all of us.
Thank you, Scott, for sharing.


Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Hi Paula, Yes, it is true.

Hi Paula,

Yes, it is true. God speaks through, you, me and anything else it can speak through...the message is always unconditional love. :)

Blessings and Love to you,


Dearest Scott, I have no

Dearest Scott,

I have no words that could ever express my gratitude and the incredible, infinite and wonderful divine love that your Godwriting reveal and showers so lovingly on all of us here.
Wow - I'm simply in awe and I thank you and God !


Beautiful, beautiful. Thanks

Beautiful, beautiful.

Thanks a lot for sharing.


Namaste, Scott