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Divine Flow

Divine Flow

God Said:

Scott, I want to take some time to show you how heaven operates. I want you to be aware of my divine order so you can experience flow in your earthly experience. You see everything in heaven has divine flow all the time. I want to teach you how to flow with Spirit rather than putting up resistance to the flow.

I want you to think back about some of the most fulfilling and happy times of this earthly experience. You will find that if you think back to these times they would have been somewhat magical in nature. They would have had a synchronicity and a flow to them. You see all of my creation have this innate flow to them.

The animal and plant life you see all work with this divine flow. They do not strain or try harder as you humans so often try to do. You think by exerting and expending great quantities of energy and work that you will accomplish more. What you don’t realize is that you are counter productive to this innate and divine flow when you do this. I see you toiling and working so hard trying to figure everything out on your own. I commend you for some of your self-sufficiency and your tenacity. You are to be commended for your ardor.

However as commendable as this might be, there is a better way. The way of flow. Divine flow is effortless and synchronistic. When you are in divine flow you are in a state and an experience of what you would refer to as grace. It is effortlessness and a flowing that has divinity written all over it. Think back at those times when you had this flowing in your life. Things magically just fell into proper place. You did not have to struggle, cajole, or try to control your environment. It just seemed to flow like a river.

Does a river have to work hard? No, my child it just goes with the flow, as you would say. It goes to the path of least resistance. This is the path I want you to take too. The path of least resistance is the pathway to joy, peace, and love. It is very sychncronistic in its nature and is effortless. God does not have to struggle and strain to accomplish anything. I know you imagine that this would be easy for me to say and quite different in your experience because you are not God…you are human. Right? Wrong. You are me in the embodiment of human flesh. You are divinity packaged in a body.

All my nature and characteristics are yours my beloved. I look at you and I see me. Who do you see? If you are looking at your body, or at your outward selves, you will see something quite different from your human perspective…you will see your humanity and all your weaknesses and failures. But this is not how I see you. I see you as competed and perfect just the way I made you. You are completely innocent in my sight. You are so beautiful to me my beloved. My heart is taken over by your extreme beauty. You ravish my heart every time I think of you my beloved. I love you so.

I just wish you would love yourself as I love you. It would make things so much easier for you. I see you struggle and strain and it is quite the sight. I see so much effort and energy being expended. If you knew what I knew you would just relax and enjoy your physical journey. I know many of you are saying inwardly that it would be nice to enjoy your journey but…but…but…but…but… My beloved put aside all your buts’ and excuses for not flowing with the divine. I hear you say, if I only had more money, if I only had better health, if I only could lose this extra weight, if I only had my soul mate. These are all the buts’ I am speaking of my beloved…and I could go on and on.

You put so much weight and value and expend so much energy for things that you want and think you need. You might not need that bigger car, or house, or paycheck, or penis, or newer clothes or anything that you think is so important. All you need to do is flow with Spirit.

Be like the water how it effortlessly moves over and around things. Start acting like this water when seeming resistance comes you way. You have been taught to take the hard way my child and you have been beating yourself up in the frenzy of life, and living. Why? Don’t you love yourself? Why not be kinder and gentler with yourself and start seeing yourself as I see you. You are absolutely ravishing and beautiful to me. You have no conception of my love for you and my care and concern for each of you individually.

Even though you are unable to fully see as I see, maybe you could start with some baby steps in this direction. How about less working and more play? I know most of you in the western hemisphere of planet earth have been taught this capitalistic lie that it will only be by hard work and the school of hard knocks for you to be able to excel. What if everything you did from this point on was effortless? A dream you say? Well, that is a good start. Start dreaming more. Dreams can create you know. I dreamed you up at one time. I did alright did I not?

What about you? Why not go back to your childhood for a moment. Pretend with me for a minute that you are your present age and you are meeting yourself as this young child again. Notice this child. How old are you in this childlike picture you are seeing or feeling? Look carefully at this child who you are. Are you not wonderful? Are you not beautiful, are you not unique? In your minds eye, let the present you get down on this child’s level. Bend down and look at them in their sweet and innocent eyes. Look deeper into their eyes…What do you see? This might evoke some strong emotion in you and tears might flow as you do this. Allow all emotions to come up and do not resist them. They are your guidance system. Don’t push them away as you have so often done. Allow them, they are natural and innate…they are organic. Let them flow!

Take time to ask this “little you”, the child that you are, to tell you how to flow more in life. Ask this child what it would like you to do more of. Listen to its response and follow its direction and you will have a taste of what it is like to flow again. You see, children know how to flow. They are freedom personified. It is only in adolescence and adulthood that they learn otherwise and turn from the true freedom beings that they are.
It is only after they hear from others who love them that they can’t do such and such. Why? It will disturb the neighbors. It is embarrassing. It is not right. They hear this way too much from well meaning adults and family members. If they follow this adult direction it will lead them back into slavery. That is why so many resist what you say my beloved. They feel you are stealing their freedom. Start allowing these little ones more freedom and don’t think you have to teach them everything or they will grow up as criminals. This is not true . I speak to them all the time. I come to them in their sweet dreaming times and I speak to them. Their guardian angels are always instructing them and helping them.

Have you not heard the phrase let kids be kids? Why do you try to mould them into something they are not ready to be yet…an adult? Adulthood is way overrated you know. Child like is what I desire to see. Vulnerability is what I like to see. Openness is what I like to see. Innocence is how I want you to be. Notice all these qualities are already inherent in the little ones around you. They are joy. They are love. They are happiness. They are freedom. Where did all this go? Where are my little children that were so precious and innocent? My children, did you believe the lie that you had to grow up and be responsible?

I can already hear the readers wince with these words now spoken. Yes, just maybe if you allowed this childlikeness to come afresh in your lives the world would be a better place to live. More loving and more kind. The kind of world you envisioned before you arrived here. What if the world was just so full of love, peace and harmony? Would that be such a dreaded place my child? You say impossible? I say totally realistic. It starts with you my beloved…Always with you first.

Don’t look at your brothers and sisters of this world and expect them to do it for you. It must begin with you taking divine responsibility. Notice I did not say for you to take on responsibility only…but divine responsibility. What is this divine responsibility I am speaking of? It is what Jesus declared about me…”That my yoke was easy and my burden was light”. Notice the wording here about the yoke. The yoke was indicative of a device that bound two oxen together as they plowed the field. Notice the divine was on one side of the yoke and you are to be the other partner with me on the other side of the yoke. The yoke might appear to you as a type of slavery to me. Put this thought aside and think of it more as a partnership. I enslave no one. This partnership starts with your acceptance of me. It is something you must desire. I already know that I desire divine partnership with you…that is a given.

Notice carefully that I said my yoke is easy and light. It is God work my child. All God work is easy and light. God work is fun too. If you find your work not easy and light you know it is not God work. Notice it takes a divine partnership that Jesus the Christ talked about. It is not you alone or I alone. It is us together in divine partnership. It is always easy and it is always light. If you find things as a struggle you need to know you have left the flow of the divine. The divine only flows. It takes the path of least resistance. If you do the same you will find your life unfolding beautifully, effortlessly and synchronistic ally.

You are greatly loved my beloved,