In the Next Moment or So of Infinity

God said:

I created you, and you are still being created. I am not done with you yet. All the blueprints were made long ago, but you are still being molded. I am molding you. Or, We can say you are molding yourself as you go along. Yes, you are creating yourself. You are picking up all the pieces and putting them together. You are picking up loose or missing pieces of yourself and finding where they belong.

You who are already wholeness are nevertheless in process of completion. You are alive. If you, as you live your life on earth, were already set, if you were all done, what hope in the world could there possibly be? But, fortunately, you are not all set yet. You are still becoming. You are the clay coming out of the potter's wheel. You are a vessel, but more of you still appears, gets smoothed, pulled up and up.

You are the film being developed. The picture has been taken, but it hasn't appeared yet.

You are a great gift that has not been opened yet. Until you are fully opened, you have not been revealed. So there is yet more to come.

Now you step out of your preconceived mold.

Whatever magnificence you have manifested, however far you have come, no matter what blue ribbons you wear, you have barely begun. This is a good thing. Do not be disheartened. If you have already revealed all that you are, what would happen to opportunity? You who are changeless are in process of changing. Your change is growth. And you are growing up. You are growing upward. You are growing to the height that is yours to grow to, and then another height after that.

Never say again, "That is how I am." Or, "That is what I am." Or, "That is who I am." You don't even begin to know, so it is much too soon to finalize yourself. It is never the right time to say you have already manifested all there is for you to manifest. All is not said and done. You are not frozen in time and space. Any pictures you presently have of yourself on earth are old pictures, and now it is time to take new ones.

These will not be studio photographs. You will not pose for them. They will be natural photos, taken in the sunlight. You won't be aware of their being taken. You won't ask to see them, as if they were a report card of you. You will not be looking for reports. You will be doing the reporting. You will report progress by your very being. You will reveal life by living it ever new. You will reveal the possibilities of life to yourself and to others. You will reveal Me, and, in so doing, you will reveal others to themselves and you will begin, just begin, to know the extent of who you are and what wonders you are to perform.

If you had completed your tasks on earth, why would you still be here? You are not on earth to do time. You are not here to twiddle your thumbs or to twiddle the same thoughts over and over. You are not here for nothing. You are for something. You do not just pass by or pass through life. You are not on an idle amble. You are not a tourist. You are the tour leader. And you are taking others on a tour of creation. You are a tour guide of creation. Now you will know that.

You are the one pulling the drapes off the beautiful art on the walls so that all may see. In so doing, you see and you reveal that you and all with you are represented in the great paintings on the walls of time — and in the great art not yet hung on the wall or painted yet or even thought of until now or in the next moment or so of infinity.