Beyond Dimension

God said:

In this moment of infinity, angels throng around you. Never forget this. You are never alone means just that. Even if you were adrift in the middle of the ocean, you would not be alone. Even if you were hurtling through space, you would not be alone. Even in the midst of war and calamity, you are not alone, for I am with you and a horde of angels too. And yet you often feel alone, perhaps clumped with others who also feel alone, but alone in a wilderness of thought. Immersed in My love, sometimes you feel without it. I am with you now and a band of angels is searing your heart.

We can call angels a sweep of My energy. We could say, although it is inaccurate, that angels reach you before I do, and that they follow in My wake and stay with you after I've left, as though they are tips of My energy, precursors and vestiges. But I never arrive and I never leave. We talk in metaphors about the light of reality that I am. Angels are more reality than just about anything else you think of as reality, but angels are metaphors. Nice ones, but a manner of speaking, a reference point to My light energy swirling around in the universe. I never move. I am always still, yet I radiate far, so, to you, I appear to come in and go out, in bits and pieces. Certainly that is your experience of Me, that I am more sometimes and less other times. That is an impossibility, of course, but your experience nevertheless.

I am most intimate to you. I am in your every breath. The universe is filled with Me, and you are part of the universe. You must be filled with Me too.

I am often asked if I have a form and can I be seen. Have I, Who created the cosmos — do I have a form, and can I be seen, and, more to the point, will you ever see Me? I Who am the Creator of the five senses, am I beyond them? Will you see Me with your eyes, touch Me with your fingers, hear Me with your ears, taste Me with your tongue, pick up a scent of Me with your nose? Is that what you want? Is that the proof you crave? Must I be physical for you to grasp Me?

My answer to you is two-fold. Yes, I can be seen in the physical. No, I cannot. But the answer is good, not equivocal. You have seen beauty that is beyond words. I am more. You have smelled a rose, and yet I am more. You have tasted ambrosia, and yet… You have touched a baby's skin, and yet I am more. You have heard heavenly music, and you have only begun to hear. I am more. I AM the More.

Are you not glad that I am beyond what your senses can perceive? Do you really think I'd be more if only you could only see Me etc? I would be less. How disappointed you would be if I were limited to the physical realm! Oh, woe! You would wring your hands in despair if that were the case.

Fortunately, that is not the case. I am not limited. I am unlimited. Like love am I. Does it not take great love for a rose to grow and reveal itself? What is the flower but the love of the rose made evident? Long before its bloom, the love was, nevertheless, there. The rose in bloom is not more nor less, but only more evident. The attar of the rose is the attar of the rose. You cannot catch it in your hand. Only in your heart. In your heart.

Seek not evidence of Me. Evidence of Me is arguable. But the essence of Me is incontrovertible, even though that is argued too.

Does love exist? How many angels dance on the head of a pin is the same as asking, can love be marked off and documented, halted in time and space? Love is ever moving. No picture can be taken of love, not of love itself, and yet what is grander than a drop of love. What in the universe begins to have the power of love so far beyond embankment.

Wherever you are, I am. Wherever you go, I am. Wherever you turn, I am. Now, you, you, reveal yourself to Me.