Like Stones

God said:

You hold on to ideas like they are a lifeline. That is like holding on to a rope for support that is connected to nothing. You think the strength of your ideas keeps you safe. Or your beliefs. You fear that if you don't hold on to them, if all your premises are not correct, then you are adrift. But you are presently adrift on the thoughts you hold so dear. Many ideas are nothing but air-filled balloons that seem to hold you in place. They don't lift you anywhere. In fact, they hold you down. You use them as the ground underneath and eschew a flying carpet.

What if you let go of your ideas? What if you turned them over in your hands like stones and saw them for the agate they are. What if your precious ideas are not precious after all.

Ideas are like breezes that flow, and you don't want to hold them captive. What you hold captive binds you. The beliefs you hold so firmly are but constraints.

Throw your ideas up in the air, and see which ones stay and which ones go.

Ideas are like oranges that you juggle. They are not meant to just stay still in your hand. Consider opinions as something you don't have to keep.

How refreshing!

When your mind is filled with certainty, what can enter it? What made you think you had to be so sure you were right? You need be neither right nor wrong. That is not the question at hand.

You need not vindicate yourself. Where is the love in that? Let go of the ideas of right and wrong, and more love will flow. What can certainty of right and certainty of wrong be but judgment giving itself its due. You beg to let judgment go but you hold on to its premises.

Let your thoughts go. Do not save them. Do not poster them on the wall. Do not store them in a drawer. Walk away from your previous thinking, and start over.

Keeping previous ideas close to your heart is holding on to the past. The past is to step up from. The past is to boost you forward, else it is quicksand.

What if everything you have ever thought misled you? Despite what thinking you have held on to, you have made progress. Not because of.

Catch new thinking from the sun and the stars. Enough of old earth thoughts. All the pressures that will leave you when you depart from past thinking. Past thinking is stale energy. Take a fresh breath of thought.

Let Me empty you of old thoughts. What thoughts can you keep when you are with Me? Thoughts leave you. Thoughts fade. Love becomes supreme. Thoughts of love are not love. Only love is love, that marvelous energy of being, that light growing bright, that burgeoning energy of light that has only to do with being.

You have been battering yourself with thoughts. Abandon them. Allow being. The fountain of being within you will rise, and your wisdom will be beyond mortal thought.

Your thinking does not make you complete. Your thinking has fragmented you. Perhaps it is time to start over. You have laid claim to territory that you no longer want. It's just that you've hesitated to let go for the sake of ownership. What do you need old thoughts for to stuff your head? Clear your mind. Empty it out. Cramming is not fullness. Your mind is a pathway, not a steamer trunk.