In the Midst of a Great Prairie

God said:

Be glad that you can cry. Tears let the sadness out and make way for gladness. Your tears water the earth. Even your tears do service for the universe.

Where do tears come from, you wonder. You know they come from beyond the ducts that house them. What is the signal that tells tears to flow, sometimes uncontrollably? What is it that gives you permission to weep and sometimes not? Why are you embarrassed to cry in public? What is the shame in crying? Tears can be more honest than laughter. And yet sometimes you laugh to the point of tears. And you also weep with joy.

Something unexpected happened that made you cry with joy. Something unwanted happened that made you cry in sorrow. And your thoughts linger, and you even cry in sadness for that which you once wept in joy.

Thoughts you choose make you sad or glad. The frame you set your thoughts in determines how you feel.

And if you are sad, that also means you don’t have to be. Sadness is not something that you have to hold onto. It is not a requirement. It is not part of an initiation you must go through as you would to join a sorority or fraternity. You are already in. You are here where you are supposed to be. You don’t have to go through rites of tears. You already belong to the Human race. You are already pledged to life. You never were an initiate, My beloved.

It is not that you can truly laugh on command any more than you can cry on demand. Of course, you can intend. What is your intention? Are tears perhaps more meaningful to you than laughter? Do you feel that sadness is more worthy than merriment? Do you somehow, in the recesses of your mind, believe that it is better to weep than to laugh? Do you perhaps consider yourself braver to suffer than to enjoy? Do you perhaps feel that tears are more profound than laughter, and that tears are significant to the individual you think you are?

And you can smile at any time. You can even smile through tears. Is this not a wonderful thing? Beloveds, even in the midst of tears you can be happy. You can be happy despite tears. You can even be happy because of them. And you can also come out on the other side of tears.

Let your tears be a clearing, and now find yourself in the midst of a great prairie. As you stand in this prairie, the horizon you see is vast. It is 360 degrees. Wherever you turn, there is beautiful horizon. You can go in any direction you choose. You can reach all the horizons if you like.

Tears evaporate, and you are left standing, surrounded by blue skies and endless horizons. Come visit with Me for a while. You can go to the left and right, and you can go to any horizon you choose, and you can also rise to Heaven where joy is always deep and never superficial. You can rise to the far-seeing Oneness and see what you have previously not seen. And you can keep seeing, and your heart can travel. Your heart can be like a rocket and take off. Your heart can be like an airplane, dipping its wings. Your heart can be full of love, and you can let love fall on Earth like confetti. Tears rise like a mist from the ground where they fell, and so can you rise up to the furthermost stars. You can be absorbed by the stars and become a part of the starlight that blesses the night, and a part of the sunlight that blesses the day.