Many Bridal Bouquets

God said:

You are My heartbeat on Earth. You are the carrier of My heart. You are the disseminator of My love. You are the purveyor of it. You are the one I have sent to Earth to cover the world with the gold of My love. You are not a miner of love. You do not dig for it or search it out. You are the one who lays it out. You are the one to pave the streets with the gold of My love.

You are not the fortune-hunter. You are the fortune-teller, and you are the fortune-giver. You are the fortune. You are the cast of gold I have sent to Earth to further My Will.

You thought your life was for you alone, that you were to wrest enjoyment only for you from your stay here. You are here to give more than you gain. You are to water the land, and you are to yield the crops. You are like the wedding planner who sees that everything goes nicely.

You are to arrange the forests and flowers on Earth. You are to widen the aisles and strew them with rose petals.

You are to be the fulfillment of My desires. And what can my desires be but love and peace on Earth for all? For all. There are to be no spears in your heart and no prison gates to click after you like teeth. Others may close their doors to you, but your doors stay open.

As great a giver as you shall be, you shall be a greater receiver. You will receive all who come to you, and you will receive them well. More than cordially. The person before you now is the one I have sent to receive your alms. Your alms are love. Not entangling love, but love rather from a mountain top where you dispense to all, including the person who stands before you and including yourself.

Feel My love as it descends on you, and you will know how to give. You will grasp the giving of love, so natural, so fine, so full, so essential to the well-being of the world.

When you feel resentment, when your heart aches, you know what to do. You know what the cure is. You know what will remove those unwelcome guests in your heart. Let love stream in. Beloveds, why waste your heart on surface disturbances when there is a well of love to ladle from? You have a wealth of love in your heart. Let it not go stagnant. Keep that love moving so it is always fresh.

The happiness you give is the happiness you keep. There is no other. Grab not, for you grab at straws. Give, and love is given, and love takes over. Crave not love but the knowledge of love. Investigate love by giving it. See it before you.

If not enough love comes to you, well, then, give more. Dig deep into your pocket and give. Let there be holes in your pocket from which all the coins of love will fall like sand. They will fall like water from a fountain. Let the fountain of your heart be a faithful geyser. Let your love shoot right up to Heaven and then fall back on you and all your surrounds. The love that falls on others falls most of all on you.

Let My Grace fall from you. Let your grace to others be Mine. Be gracious. The world is waiting for your graciousness. You who are a visitor on Earth are also the host of it. You are a guest at My party, and yet you are the one who gives it. You give the bride of love away, for love is not yours to keep. You are the one I have asked to permeate the universe with love. Where stones are cast, throw love. Throw it generously like many bridal bouquets so that everyone may catch the love you give.