image of God

A Willing Rose

God said:

A rose grows without having a say about it, and yet a rose knows it is fulfilling its destiny.

A rose in bloom knows when it is loved. It feels the difference and adores being loved, and a rose always loves. A rose has awareness of its rise from rose hip to full-blown rose. A rose doesn't know the words, but a rose knows its own roseness, and is glad to be this one in a million rose.

A rose may be red, and it loves its redness even though the rose doesn't know the names of colors, and still a rose loves himself as he is.

Your Etheric Spine

God said:

If there were no mirrors, how much time would you save? How much grief?

You were made in My image, not in the image a mirror makes of you.

Consider how your life would be different if there were no mirrors. Mirrors heighten your belief in the physical. Without mirrors, you would have less awareness of the body and more awareness of the you who emanates through your body. You would have more attention on your voice and Mine. You would have more attention on the who is thinking rather than on particular thoughts. There would be more silence and more wisdom.

The Plum of Your Heart

God said:

You were made in My image. Love is the only true. If your heart aches, you, in your heart, are not being true. Sometimes you fight your love. It is not a lie that you love. The lie is that you do not.

Your heart will open again. The plum of your heart is filled to bursting with love. Anything else you spy in your heart is a thief in the night.

And so now forgive what ails you. Forgiveness means that you withdraw your armaments. Disarm yourself. Return to innocence.

You are not to guard yourself. Nor are you to mourn.

You Are God's Light

God said:

Everyone has a role to fulfill. Everyone has a spiritual goal to fulfill. Spiritual may have a different meaning from what you think. Spiritual is not separate from worldly life. It isn't something else. It isn't another track to run on. You who are spirit are already leading a spiritual life. And all on earth are spirit. You were made in My image. This means you reflect Me. You can't help it.

I wonder what would happen on earth if everyone accepted that they are the Spiritual Beings they are.

What Is Heaven After All?

God said:

There is no difference between God in Heaven and God on earth. I am the same God. I am One. I do not make flagrant distinctions. I do not go by whim. I am ever the same. I have no mood swings. I do not pick and choose. I love. I love all.

I do not have a temperament. I do not get angry. I do not wreak vengeance. I love. I love all.

You were made in My image. I was not made in yours. I am God, and you are learning to see as I see, from a far vaster perspective. Come join Me in this high limb of a tree I sit in.

Angels Come from Heaven

God said:

Whatever on earth inspires you, know that it is I. Art, music, friendship, love, nature, science, embroidery — I am behind them all. They are all cover-ups for Me. Beneath them all I am. They are messengers drawing you to Me. I am the surprise behind the curtain.

Whatever inspires you on earth is a glimpse of Me.

Be inspired to find Me. Look everywhere. Am I not in the moving branches of trees? Am I not in the wind? In the sky that gazes upon the trees? In the Sun above that brightens and nourishes the trees?

Am I not the sunlight that shines on you?

God Appears in Many Disguises

God said:

From nothingness comes everything. From an ocean comes waves. From life comes your life, comes the world, comes stories, comes adventure, comes love evident. From love comes love. Love is. Love is predominant on Earth. It cannot be otherwise.

Our Being

God said:

I speak to you of love. That is all I can speak of. That is all I know. All I know is truth. I know nothing else but truth. And I know you.

I know what you are made of, for I made you of Myself.

You are made of My love.

That is who you are — My love. Made of My love, you are My love, and you are also the one I love. My love for you cannot be striated. My love for you is your wholeness. It is your holiness, My love for you, and your holiness is Mine.

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