A Willing Rose

God said:

A rose grows without having a say about it, and yet a rose knows it is fulfilling its destiny.

A rose in bloom knows when it is loved. It feels the difference and adores being loved, and a rose always loves. A rose has awareness of its rise from rose hip to full-blown rose. A rose doesn't know the words, but a rose knows its own roseness, and is glad to be this one in a million rose.

A rose may be red, and it loves its redness even though the rose doesn't know the names of colors, and still a rose loves himself as he is.

A rose may be yellow, and it knows it is like the sun, even when it cannot see colors. After all, it has been basking in the sun and drinking up its rays. What a lovely thing to be a rose!

Even a white rose knows its elegance and refinement. What a great and beautiful thing to be a rose of any color or any kind!

Roses do not ask to be dyed other colors or become variegated colors. A rose is happy to be what it naturally is.

Yet if a rose grows in a greenhouse, it has no say on who picks it up and what they may do with it or where they may take it. It simply has to be a willing rose.

Some of the circumstances of roses are also yours, and yet you have great say on what you will wear and how and where you will comport yourself. To a degree, you are at the mercy of circumstances. To a greater degree, you have choices, and many choices that are great.

You can give yourself to others and add great joy to their lives. You do give great joy. You can also even forget the rose that you are. You, a human being, may not even bother to breathe in the beautiful scent of roses, so caught up are you in following you know not what.

Roses don't have a leader in their dozen, yet you, my beloved, you always have those you look to for leadership. You may not lead your own life, or you live your own life in the image of someone else. There are many good images to follow, yes. The best of all is Mine. In any case, you are made in My image. Of course, you may scoot along in life so fast that you forget to remember your identity and so leave yourself behind.

Only later you may wake up, clap your head to your forehead, and say, "Where have I been? What have I been doing? It is like I have been racing along. I don't know why I am racing. I don't know where I'm racing to. I seem to have left myself behind. Here I seem to be up front, and yet I am a straggler who doesn't even have a clue as to who I am. Alas, did I let an imposter lead my life? Did an actor take over for me? Was I left in the dressing room, not even aware of it? All this time I thought I was leading my life, and yet, all the while, I was simply following along, looking elsewhere, not even paying attention.

"And now I stop a minute, and I wonder who I really am and what I am really doing and what is really, really important to me and to those around me. I may still follow, but now I will not follow blindly. And I will always keep my eyes open to recognize the One in Whose Image I was made and meant to follow."

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To all the Light Creators of

To all the Light Creators of the World and Beyond :o)


Always have been - are Now - and always will BE. May Light and Love always follow you on your paths to True Beings, True Wisdom within your Hearts, True Peace and True Freedom of Choice in Life..

Heart - True Essence of any Human BEing

Lots of Love and a Happy Valentine Day to you All.. :o)

"Light Creators..."

You have phrased it just perfectly, sweet writer! You won me over. You are my Valentine now.

George in awe at essence unfolding

A Rose Poem

Dear Gloria,

Who Is It Living Then?

“And yet, although we strain
against the deadening grip
of daily necessity, I sense there is this
mystery: all life is being lived.
– Rilke

“No one” lives unless
to risk all—to embrace our
hesitation coiled in the
womb of a world inviting us
to become
that passion blooming
like a rose in a
dandelions distressing
perfect lawns…

Are we not proof that
miracles deliberately
plant themselves
smack in
the midst of

and are we not our own
miracle dismissed
like yesterday’s news…
to pluck out whatever

—Carol Adler, from Free Radicals

The beautiful poem leave you "Standing Naked in Daylight"

Sweet Carol Adler

Your Rose Poem should introduce you to thousands, those who know about Dandelion web site and those who peer in to taste the good things of open thinking. I read the whole good site, each book title and the whole shebang. It was like your poem to Gloria. Wonderful! Thanks

George still chewing

Thank you, George!

I so appreciate your comments.... You read the WHOLE SITE!! Wow!!!

Thank you!!! (More coming!!)....

Very gratefully,


Carol's really something!

Carol dear I'm knocked out that you take time to respond to an 84 year old geezer! I still pretend to write and have put your web site on my desk top. I'm still breathing heavy. thanks

George panting

"Are we not our own miracle

"Are we not our own miracle dismissed..." What a great way to put it.God says this to us in Heavenletters all the time in one way or another. You said it so simply, Carol, and so clearly.

Carol, are you having to move soon? The reason why I ask is that the other Carol, Carol Mauer, has set up a workshop in Sun City, Arizona, and we sure want you to come to it. It's Saturday and Sunday afternoons, March 7 and 8, at the Unity Church.

More details to follow in Heaven News and posters around Phoenix.

Can you help Carol with this workshop? Do you know people who might like to come? She would like you to call her. Or if it's okay for me to give her your phone, let us know here, and Carol will call you. Carol Mauer's phone number is 602 915 9160. Her email address is carol9844 [at] gmail [dot] com

She is in Phoenix just for the winter. Carol sponsored a workshop in Great Falls, Montana, where her home is. She did a fabulous job.

One of the best ways to inspire people to come to a workshop is by Heavenletters themselves.

Looking forward to meeting you in person!


Listening in: do you mind?

Sweet Gloria, aren't you mixing two dandelions in this delicious sounding workshop? I may just have the names confused. But I sure would like to meet the one who said "Are we not our own miracle..." I wish I weren't so darn old, I'd like to fly to Sun City but it's too far.

George licking his lips

Thank you, Dear Gloria!

March 7 & 8... I should be still around, but I'm still not sure yet....things are changing rapidly. By all means, do give my phone number to Carol M. I look forward to talking with her...(I'll send her an email)... I'll certainly spread the word about the workshop. How wonderful that you will be here!!! I'm putting the dates on the calendar as "hopefully clear"... I've been on standby over the past couple weeks, based on new developments with another project as well.

Bless you! And thank you for connecting me to Carol M.

Much love,

"The willing rose..."

"A rose by any other name is just as sweet or just as red, or just as meaningful.

Our main problem is the 'PERSONA" that we are taught to wear from childhood. "Persona" is the Greek name that's given to the mask the Greek actors wore to show a certain mood or character. They held it in front of their face as a disguise to hide their real self. The word "persona" has become our word personality and becomes the very real mask that we use to hide who we're really are.
Because we start so young with this learned behavior we come to think that our "persona" is the real self. It learns to hide carefully cloaked by loving parents and good friends behind what we think we are. We confuse form with essence, things with Source and all that sort of thing.
This darling writer tells us that the answer to this puzzling question is: "Give yourself to others...." Love's the only answer to the how of removing the mask that has assumed our identity. We become victims of identity theft and don't often realize it because the thief is so internal in us and makes us feel that we are him, when in fact we are HIM or at least a chip off the old BLOCK.

George looking for the Deus ex machina

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
You are made in My Image
And leading My life

Love, Light and Aloha!

Aloalight helps push

Sweetheart you manage to say just the right words for the Letter.

George spilling over with love