Imagined Borders

God said:

Much of the trouble of the world comes from being territorial. Territorial says: "This is mine. That is yours." Territorial says: "Come no closer. Stay there. Not here." Territorial separates. Territorial draws lines. All of this because of tremendous belief in possession. Lands are even called possessions.

What possesses what?

The ego proclaims borders, scratchy lines that go around on a map. All the delineations are imaginary. Yet everyone believes in them and calls them holy.

Nationality does not exist any more than individuality does. Nations and individuals purport that which is not so. We can say that the onset of property division was the birth of separation. "I" was turned into "you and I" and the concept of "others" arose. A finger pointed outward. People were dispersed. Kingdoms on earth raised vari-colored flags and claimed themselves separate.

What flag do I raise? What colors do I wave? What color does peace bear?

I do not line My children up in rows. I do not sort. I do not isolate. I love.

What tremendous power love is. Love unites.

What is it then that separates? It is ego, individual ego and mass ego. By what decree does any man on earth favor one of My children over another, or group My children and consider some of them as not theirs? All are My children on earth. Therefore, they are yours. There is not one who isn't. There is not one who does not belong to you. And everyone longs to be favored by you.

If you must be territorial, consider the universe your territory. Consider it a cooperative owned by everyone who inhabits it. If you own the universe, then so does everyone else, as much as you, no more or less. Of course, there is no more or no less. There is only much. There is only everything and everyone. There are no exceptions to this rule. It is not a rule; it is truth.

There is no rule. Where did man get the idea that he rules? Ego rules. Judgment rules. Ego and judgment are in the business of setting up rules, as if they were endowed with sovereignty over other men. Which man have I proclaimed King? There are no officers in My court. No uniforms nor brass buttons. All are representatives. All are clothed in My light. And My light shines on all.

When you swim, perhaps you can say you separate waves with your arms. But then the waves fill in, and Oneness of the ocean is revealed again. I won't say restored because Oneness which alone is cannot be restored. Because you can walk through a mass of people does not mean you are entitled to build a dividing road. Any divisions you make are false. The difference between people on one side of the road or the other is merely which side of the road they happen to be standing on. Nothing was really separated. Scramble them all up together, switch them around, and it is the same.

By whatever basis man is separated into groups, it is false. Outer bases are false. Truth does not allow separation, let alone conceive it.

As all have the right to declare the universe theirs and everybody's, so do all have the right to declare Heaven theirs and everybody's as well. We could say that you have thought, so long as you are on earth, that you are exiled from Heaven, but that is another fiction of yours that holds no water. Heaven and earth are both yours. You live in both. Earth just happens to be the side of the road you think you are on. The eyes of man have focused on one side and forgotten the other or imagined they postponed it. You commute between Heaven and earth all the time.