Oneness Again

God said:

Before you go to sleep tonight, give a thought to Me. And when you wake in the morning tomorrow, do the same.

This is a simple technique. A thought of Me at night takes you out of the mold of everyday thought. And a thought of Me first thing in the morning sets your day aright. Think of Me the way you do a glass of satisfying water. Take a long glass.

There is no time of day or night that it is not good to have a thought of Me.

Thoughts of Me acknowledge Our connection. Thinking of Me is a companionable thing to do.

What else you can do is to add Me to any list you make. Shopping list. To-do list. But do not cross Me off. Leave Me there on your list, for I am never done, and you are never done with Me.

One thought of Me will lead to another. And you will rise to new heights.

Hand over hand you climb a ladder.

Thought over thought you climb to Heaven. Of course, it is a climb-less climb. For I am everywhere, and there is nowhere you have to climb. Only in your thoughts.

Perhaps every other thought of yours you could replace with Me, and what would you have lost? You have so many thoughts, you can afford to skip one or two. You won't miss them. You will forget what they were. Think of Me, and some of your other thoughts will naturally get up and leave.

In a sense, what is there to think about but Me?

Other thoughts accumulate. They stick to you. They won't go away. You trip over them. They snag you.

My thoughts free you, particularly from your other thoughts, for when you think of Me, you are absorbing something of My perspective. Why would you want to keep the perspective you have when you can just as easily have Mine?

I am not a gamble. There is no risk involved, unless you think letting go of the past and getting on with the new is a risk. Of course, it could be said you risk happiness. Perhaps you hesitate to dip yourself into happiness, for that could be dangerous to your present psyche.

You may see happiness as some kind of revolution when it is unfoldment. It has been ordained that you will evolve.

Perhaps you fear happiness because you would rather not invest in what might not stay, for, to your mind, it never has stayed. I would tell you that it has never left except from your observation.

What if you were taken out of the realm of happiness/unhappiness and entered a lighted world that knew only Oneness? There would be no opposites. There would be no pull up nor pull down. But you would be at a great height, even though high and low would not exist and would have no names.

What if you could live in a wordless place which had greater meaning than any amount of words or sentences or books?

What if you could live in a world of meaning and never leave it?

What if you could live in a world so beyond meaning that meaningful could only be less?

When you have a thought of Me, it is a like a mini-vacation, a day off or a moment off. You do deserve a break. And you have a cabin you can come to.

Some day you will stay here fully in the realization of Me, and you will see yourself at the same time. You will see Me and see yourself all at once. In Oneness We exist, you and I, indefinable inextricable Oneness of Being. This is where emptiness and fullness cannot be distinguished. Nothing can be distinguished because, where We are, only Oneness exists.