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I'm new - Kateywoo


I found Heavenletters on the So i came and found your website.

I love the fact that there is a forum here - have been wanting to find likeminded people to chat to for AGES!

I love the story of how Heavenletters came about, Gloria - all the different versions of the story :-)

I have been Godwriting for a while without knowing it I think. I knew there were messages coming through. Maybe it is still partly me but in conjunction with a spiritual being. Anyway writing always seems to me to be a good way to find the answers to my questions.

Anyway, I am Kate. How can I describe myself?

I love exploring the truth, finding out the real truth about life, the universe and everything. I am on a wonderful journey with God to free my mind and be my true self.

I get a bit addicted to spiritual websites because I love reading more and more and seeing what resonates with me and expanding my world view. I have learnt so much and now feel the urge to share my knowledge with everyone who wants to know! I have found the teacher within too and love the surprising places this teacher takes me to. Gosh, you think you know what being 'spiritual' is like and then God blows it out the water by showing you something new that you love and that you wouldn't have dreamt was 'spiritual' in a million years - but (s)he spiritualises it there and then. The only true spirituality is following your own inner spirit, which is not the same as the next person's inner spirit or in fact anyone else's idea of what you should do to be spiritual.

I was awakened in 2007 to the simple fact that I was not a highly evolved animal eking out a random existence on a tiny planet in a massive universe but a spark of God ready to step up to a higher truth. God has been leading me onward ever since. I co-created THREE spiritual crises - two major and one minor - but now feel I am mostly on an upward spiral - apart from the last 2 weeks, which I'll explain in a different forum, as I need your advice guys!

Anyway in a purely material sense I am a 37 year old mother of three, wife of a scientific materialist - working part time in IT for a well known British supermarket chain. Love indulging my senses in all sorts of ways and gazing out of the window at the sky for hours on end. Earthy sense of humour, yet childlike in my approach to life.

Is that enough?

Looking forward to chatting more.

Kateywoo, so glad you found

Kateywoo, so glad you found us! And now we find you! Beautiful what you write,. You are doing GR8. Keep posting and inspiring us!

Welcome to this forum,

Welcome to this forum, Kate

I'm intruiged by the fact that you are walking the spiritual path while married to a scientific materialist, as you say.
My husband is a pshychologist, and for a long time I kept hiding my spiritual path from him. Now, I don't care anymore, but he doesn't seem to want to know - almost as if he were afraid.

Anyway, it's nice to have you here!

Never think that you are I. Know that I am you. /HEAVEN #515)

Hi again

Hi again Paula,

Unfortunately my walking of the spiritual path is an issue between us in some ways, but as long as I don't talk about it too much he's okay.

I just find it is becoming so much a central part of me that it is difficult not to talk about it! At least I'm a lot more open and no longer hiding it which is a big step forward for me... :-)

I'm off to a spiritual meet up tonight! Can't wait it's my first time there. We have a talk first followed by socialising. Wish me luck as I know no-one there!

Kate x

Thanks for welcoming me,

Thanks for welcoming me, this is a lovely site I'm so glad you set it up!

God give you many blessings.

Kate x

Hello Kateywoo, I like what

Hello Kateywoo,
I like what you say to introduce yourself and I look forward to hearing more of you.
Like you, I love indulging my senses too and gazing for hours at the sky and stars and moon.
On the contrary, I never ask for advices as God says there is no wrong. In fact life is not random, as you already know.
What I like the most about God is that He is not "spiritual".

Hi Emilia, Thanks for your

Hi Emilia,

Thanks for your post which is lovely and welcoming.

There aren't enough hours in the day for staring are there? :-)

Yeah! God doesn't conform to any image we have of Him does he? I love that too.

Do you think that God does sometimes talk to us through other people? Maybe other people can open us up to new ideas? Just a thought.

I've had the message too that in God's eyes nothing is wrong.
I've also had the message that there is a concept of following your truth - if you do then life flows more easily. It's not wrong to stray from the path, but it won't flow quite as easily. What do you think?

Kate x


God talks to us through people ( especially when the keep silent ) and through everything else.

Maybe "to stray from the path" IS your path, to make you learn faster how to flow.


Love to you too.

K x

Kate, how was the meeting

Kate, how was the meeting you were going to the other night?

I also think you might appreciate something Heaven Admin wrote for the Godwriting blog. It's about a Zen Roan.

HI Gloria!

The meeting was great thanks. :-)

There was a talk from Dr David Hamilton about how holding compassion in your heart on a regular basis actually has wonderful effects on the physical health of your cardiovascular system. It floods you with oxytocin, mops up free radicals, widens your arteries and generally improves your heart health in a major way. I knew that compassion was good from a spiritual point of view and a physical point of view, but it was very interesting to hear the medical details!

Apparently the Buddhist Metta meditation done regularly can have astounding effects.

He got us all hugging each other and there were plenty of jokes so it was a very good evening all round and I met someone I got on with who I'll probably meet there again. A great success thanks!

Thanks for that Zen reference. I remember my husband used to get a regular Zen email which had a similar feel - not trying to 'know' too much with your mind but just to 'be'. That definitely applies to my current feeling about what shall I 'do' for God. He doesn't want me to do, he wants me to 'be'.

You would not believe how magically my work situation is working out now. It's almost as if the 'suffering' had to happen to let the improvement occur. And it needn't have been 'suffering' if you know what I mean.

Thanks again for your loving attention.
Kate x