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Well not so new.......

...... but anyhow. Just wanted to stop by to see how all of you are doing.

So how are you?

Whats going on?

Make a beep and I will tell you what I did the last years since I posted the last time in the Heavenletters community..... :)

All the best!


Beep! For those who don't


For those who don't know, Adrachin is the gentleman from near Munich, Germany, who was the first to start a forum for Heavenletters. It was a Yahoo forum at the beginning. Adrachin and Veronika sponsored the Godwriting workshop in Tutzing, Germany, and gave such hospitality and me a super wonderful time in Germany.

Now that you have come back, dear Adrachin, don't ever leave, okay?




Fine, thank you.



The same.

Dear Adrachin, I had a

Dear Adrachin,

I had a fleeting look today from my office and when I saw you were logged in my heart was filled with joy.

I'm looking forward to hear what you did in this last year dear, so ....


much love and hugs