If You Were God

God said:

When you have an idea, act on it. At least, don’t be so quick to dismiss your ideas. Give them a chance.

New ideas always seem far-fetched until they are accepted. Be the accepter of your own ideas.

Sometimes you have a thought of doing something nice for someone, and you dismiss it. You start to think it’s silly. The truth is that it may be the most useful thought you’ve had all day. It is always right to do a kindness.

You may begin to think that the person you would do this for might think you’re odd. You do not do a kind act based on what the receiver of your kindness will think. You do a kind act because I have asked you to. I have woken you up to the concept that you want to do something out of the ordinary for someone. Now I am waking you up to the fact that, if you think of it, it is yours to do. Come out of the vise of dailiness that you have squeezed yourself into. Do something different. Do something you have never done before. Astonish yourself with the truth of yourself. Bless yourself by blessing others. This is your birthright. It is your birthright to come off the back burner.

Now turn your light on. It is not the limelight you seek. It is not the limelight you get. You simply let the lighted being you are be seen. Turn that switch of love on. And leave it on. Switch no more. Let your light stay on. It will not seem so out of the way to you as it may seem now. Get used to making others happy and, consequently, yourself.

If you were God, and all were your children, what would you do, and how would you do it?

If you were a benefactor to all on Earth, what would you be thinking about?

If you could really accept what you are made of and what you are here for on Earth, how would you be different? Why aren’t you it now? There is no future in putting off the inevitable. The inevitable is your giving joy. The more joy you give, the more joyous you are.

You have put the cart before the horse. You have been looking to receive love when it is your place to give it. Can I say it more clearly than that?

This is not to say that you make yourself a martyr. It isn’t that everyone comes before you. It’s just that you recognize yourself in others. You are not a patsy. Others do not rule you. You rule yourself. You may think you are giving someone else a break. You may think you are giving someone else a gift. You are giving yourself a break. You are giving yourself a gift. The gift of kindness you give is the natural next step. You do not give over yourself. You give of yourself.

Maybe your kindness sometimes is not to have to let those you find unlovely know that you find them unlovely. You don’t have to be their best friend. You can shed a little light on them. That’s all.

And when your heart is full for some people, don’t repress yourself. Enlighten yourself. It is natural for you to love. You are not trying to make amends. You are not trying to get a high score. You simply are being Who you really are when you are done with the shackles that bind you.

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Loving everyone...

If you were a benefactor to all on Earth, what would you be thinking about?

Well...gosh...I don't know if I would be thinking...maybe....But primarily...I would be loving and caring for all of humanity. This may sound so grandiose or even egotistical...but:

In a deep, heartfelt way...it is so, so natural. An example comes to me: Say I am in nature...on a path in the forest...and amazed and so in gratitude with the nature around me: the flowering life and the animal life and a gurgling stream and a cool breeze and the moisture in the air and a rainbow and a blue sky. How can I not love all of this? So how can I not love all of humanity? I do so now...even if a sector of humanity is grossly missbehaving...so to speak. I love all of them to the core. I feel that this is my duty and my destiny and my divine birthright...to love all the is. I love to love to love to love to love. Loving you too...Jim and Jimi.

Nice what you say, Jim, and

Nice what you say, Jim, and how you say it. I wonder, if I am not supposed to be in love with my ego, why am I expected to be in love with others' ? I mean, you say that you "love all of them to the core", I would say I love all of them "in" the core. In fact we love nature and animals so easily because they have no ego. I do love the idea of Love as a state of being...God.

I understand what you say

I understand what you say Emilia...When I say I love everyone...Maybe to explain it this way. Say....I have several children of my own and they are all out playing...and one of my children does something cruel and hurtful to another. I takee what action needs to be done...first, to help the hurt child of mine...then to get to the bottom of it...and see what was behind my one child hurting the other...These are my duties as a good parent. And throughout the whole experience, love them both through and through. Cause love is the real medicine...the real miracle...And as for all of humanity...my role is to love everyone...all of the victims and all of the perpetrators. And of course, I do not love with an agenda in mind, eg: to make the world a better place or whatever...I just love to love to love to love. What love does is...in a way...none of my business. As for ego...whether to love ego...well, I just do not focus upon this...for...ego is shadow...when love and light are present, how can ego (shadow) be? Focus on love always. Love you...Jim and Jimi

You are a pitcher ofLove...

Yes...Love....always love. Think of yourself as a pitcher...always pouring....If you are always pouring...no time to think of the nature of the pitcher or if the pitcher is too young or old or has some cracks in it or doesn't like the other pitchers next to it or is a tired or a confused pitcher or if this pitcher's mate just died or if there was a severe flood or whatever...blah, blah, blah!. All of these pitcher complaints just leave alone and focus on the pouring...the extending of God's love. Loving you Emilia...and aall of my HL friends and the world too! Jim and Jimi

Love is not timid...

Love is never timid or reluctant...yet it is ever so wise and most of all love is loving. Love is both a flower and like a flower. Love is in bloom. Love loves to bloom. Did you know that you are a flower too. You may be more of a common flower like a daisy from a field...or you may be an exotic flower from a tropical island. But all flowers are equally special...because in their bloom, they exude nectar and emanate a fragrance. From flower to flower, the fragrance will difer....But the essence of the fragrace is love. And the essence of you is love as well...Are you in bloom yet?...or are you still waiting for others to bloom? It is a fair question. You know...you do have a say in this matter. Why not bloom? Why not? Why not now? I am coaxing you a bit...ha ha. Loving you, Jim and Jimi

Jim, it is beautiful what

Jim, it is beautiful what yoy say and I agree, love does not focus on details or shadows and, as we often say, has no object.
Also God is coaxing me to bloom, so welcome to you "both".
Loving you too.

Hi Emilia...

Yes...a little coaxing from the Divine...so sweet...to be proded a bit and accompanied and guided by a loving hand/heart....How can we refuse? and who are we to refuse? ha ha...Loving you,, Jim and Jimi.

Now turn yor light on..

Now turn your light on. It is not the limelight you seek. It is not the limelight you get. You simply let the lighted being you are be seen. Turn that switch of love on. And leave it on. Switch no more. Let your light stay on. It will not seem so out of the way to you as it may seem now. Get used to making others happy and, consequently, yourself.

Dare to be turned on. When you are on...you are a lit pitcher of God's love that just keeps on pouring. A magic pitcher that is continually filled and refilled so it can go about the Father's business of labouring in the field of the Lord. But it is not a labour...not even a labour of love...cause love is never a labour...love is both a privilege and a joy and a birthright...like breathing. So enjoy love...and receiving and sending is really the same thing. Think of a lit lamp. A lit lamp just is...it is radiance...And...you are radiance too...and as radiance, you are radiantly alive. Shadows beware!! ha ha...Loving you! Jim and Jimi.

Jim Keller holds us tight to the light!

Jim, you have heard the Master say: "When you see the man with the pitcher of water follow him into his House." You help us see the new Age as it bears down on us in the song of Life.

You are a Lamp on a hill that all can see and find their own way into the House. I love what you have to say because it really isn't you saying it.


Hi George...

Thank you George so much. It is indeed an honour to open this heart...this heart that loves to share...the energy and essence of love. I'm sure you have noticed that once the heart is open...it is impossible to retreat back to the way things were before...although there may be some tendencies.. they don't last long...and these tendencies are futile. Just to stay...in this openness...and greet each new moment...with this loving openess...is such a blessings...such a supreme blessing. Loving you always, Jim and Jimi.

"If you were God!"

God is leading our consciousness to accept a beautiful aspect about what we happen to be in light of our eternal heritage.

Our human hiatus is but a flash in our eternal existence as God. Even the Master said: "Don't you know that you are Gods." Translators have put in other words but the word used by the Master was "Elohiym" the same word that follows "In the beginning, Elohiym...".

Add this sweet concept to your dream about who you are.

We have to look into the light to hear this beautiful Song of Life being sung by the angels.


Astonish yourself with the truth of yourself.

"Sometimes you wait to announce Me to the world. Announce Me now. Spread Me today. Lay down a cloth of love on My behalf and bring many to walk on it. Today We march across the universe. Do not keep Me hidden unto yourself. Spread your love for Me to others. Help Me to be known. Do not look for acceptance of yourself. Look for acceptance of Me. Give Me so that I may be known. Make Me the Great and Famous. I do not need you to give Me. You need to give Me so that you know you are Mine. I gave you all My wealth, and now you share My existence with others. It is up to you to make Me known. I cannot wait much longer for you to introduce Me to the world."

Nirmala says openly what others don't dare think.

Nirmala, We gasp at the broad strokes of your brush of Light.
We linger and wonder if that Truth can possibly our Truth.
With tears our mind bends back and forth at the beauty of all you write.

You don't fear talking as the exhaulted Being you ARE.

We love you in new and higher ways.



Love...just love it all...I love to love...to love all of you...even the ones who claim to be loveless....They are not fooling me one bit...!!! A child who hides himself under a blanket...is still present...and is just as worthy of love as the happy go lucky one playing in the sandbox!!!!! ha ha Jim and Jimi

Jim Keller plays the melody of love so we can hear it.

Jim helps us get out from under the blankets of fear and misunderstanding. We run to play with him in the sandbox of eternal fun and gum drops of knowing.