How the Great Spiritual Ones Loved

God said:

There is nothing for you to give but love. There is nothing but love to give. And love is not an inducement, you understand. Love is for no purpose but for itself. Love is not a transaction. It is not a deal in the world. It is not really a handshake. A bargain isn’t made. Love is given, or it is not.
Listen to the word I used. I said love is given, or it is not love. Love is not a barter. Love is not a contract. And, yet, love is more than felt. Love can be felt one moment and then not another. Felt is good, yet love can be felt and love can also not be felt.
Of course, you long to have love vibrant in your heart. You may equate love with love madly felt.
Let Us talk of love then in My terms. How did Buddha love? How did Christ love? How did all the Great Ones love? How shall We describe it? Their love was there for all to partake of, and yet it was not personal love that is told of.
Their love was not duty-bound. Their love was, and it was there, and the Great Ones served their love.
We could speak of them as servants, as waiters. They served. They gave. They gave noticeably, and they gave without effort. The Great Ones were not attached to their love. We could even say that they thought nothing of it. It was as if I had hired them. They had to serve, and yet were not attached. They gave freely, not to fulfill their conscience or to fill a role. They gave as naturally as they might cast their eye.
They never had a thought of not loving, and yet they were not thinking: “Oh, wow, I am love. I know how to give love, and I sure give it.”
Love was not an accomplishment to them. They simply loved. Filled with My love, they gave it without thought of giving love. They gave great love because they were great love. They did not wear love like a diadem, and, yet, even so, We can say they were crowned with love. We could say they were large-watted light bulbs. There was no turning on their love anymore than there was any turning off their love.
They simply were who they were. That was no more to that than that.
They revealed love. Their love was seen, and, from their love, something grew in the eyes of all that saw their love. All who saw the love of the Great Ones were ennobled. Spoken or not, consciously recognized or not, those who saw the Great Ones’ love desired to be that love too and to express it. This is what it is to experience love.
Love is not squandered. It does not go here and not there, nor does love parade itself. If a light is on, it is on. And if a light shines, like the sun, it shines on all. Love is not special. It is simply love.
Love is not doting.
Love is not adorned.
Love does not require bright gems, for love itself is a bright gem itself that simply sparkles in the light of love.
For the Great Ones, love was. For the Great Ones, love was like the loaves and fishes multiplied for all.
When someone came into a room, the eyes of the Great Ones lit up. Others’ hearts swelled, and their eyes could only light up. And so love is carried like the light it is, and there is no burden to it, and there is no losing love that is given and received so easily. Once given, love is given. The Great Ones walked on. A lover can walk on, and the love remains just the same.

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great ones


Thank you for the Heaven Letters, which I have been receiving and reading every morning with delight, trying to enlighten myself.

There is one point, however, as a Muslim, I could never understand: This is why Mohammed's name is never mentioned in any of the letters (pls. correct me if I am wrong), whenever the Great Ones are mentioned. It is as if it is a secret pact that it is a name that should not be mentioned, maybe with the assumption that current "Islamic" terrorists or fundamentalists represent Islam and any (good) thing about Islam is forbidden to pronounce. I believe Islam in essence is a religion of Love and peace and I also believe that Mohammed was not somebody who just claimed to be prophet. He was also a Great One, just like Christ and Buddha you mention in your today's Heaven Letter.

Thank you again.
With Love,

Beloved Esin, thank you for

Beloved Esin, thank you for your question. It deserves an answer. Here's are the highpoints of what I found on a search -- the titles of the Heavenletters are given here. I'm sorry, the links didn't carry over.

A Child of Mine

Neither Christ nor Buddha nor Mohammed nor Moses ever said: "Judge one another." Definitely not. Their message was to love one another. Judging is smallness, beloveds. Loving is Vastness. It takes a big heart to love under all circumstances. Not judging is a good way to rise to love. As a balloon rises, so will your heart of love. It is not possible to love and judge at the same time. If you must judge, judge everyone as worthy of being loved

A Wonderful World

You may say that this has been tried before, and it didn’t work. You may cite Christ and Buddha and Mohammed and all the saints. But they did not have you, beloveds. Now, you join with them, and you will live to see an uproar of love in the world. Know yourself as the mighty force you are. Since you alit on Earth, you have been a mighty force, a mighty force for doubt, perhaps. Now, have no doubt. Have love instead. Masquerade no longer. Be the love you are.

God's Welcomer to the World

A reason given to welcome all has been bruited around in the world. You don't know in advance whom you could be greeting. Unbeknownst to you, you could be greeting Christ or Moses or Mohammed. True, there is good in it for you to welcome the Great Ones. You don't want to pass up that opportunity, yet I am suggesting that your heart be generous and that you welcome all of My children, not just a certain select few you favor. I am suggesting that you become a Great One even in this seeming little daily thing. What a gift it is to welcome one and all into your generous heart. What a blessing to all, and what a blessing to you to be a Greeter of the Universe.

Your Long Association with Beloved God and Heavenletters

The above is not a Heavenletter. It is a dear reader’s comment. I keep it here because this gentleman asks: Is Krishna represented in Heavenletters! This makes me smile, dear Esin.

Buddha under the Banyan Tree

The heart that beats within each child of Mine is important. Everyone on Earth is a child of Mine, I make no exception. I hold you all holy. Why would you do otherwise? Do you really think I favor one over another, and that you must as well? Do you really think I discard any child of Mine the way you do? You might say I favored Christ or Buddha or Mohammed or any other noted Being who walked the Earth, but the truth is that they favored Me. What is the evidence of this, beloveds? They loved all equally. They loved.

One Family, One World

Picture a world where love abounds. Picture a world filled with Greatness. In this world of love, every single soul would be Christ, or Buddha, or Mohammed, or Moses. Everyone would be enlightened.

Bells Are Ringing

Bells are ringing. Peals of love are ringing. At this celebration of love, bells are ringing in hearts. Christmas Day is a celebration of love. It is a Christ day. It is a Buddha day. It is a Moses day. It is a Mohammed day. It is all the days of celebration by whatever name they are given. One holiday is for all. Whatever the holiday’s name, it is for all.

What did all the Great Ones teach? They taught the peace of love as it stirs in every heart. Christmas Day is a deeper more brilliant Valentine’s Day. Call it what you will.

Walk on Water

Even the representations of the true Great Ones were a drop in the bucket. Even with Christ and Mohammed and Buddha and all the spiritual heroes of the centuries, even with all their good works and gifts to the universe and their underlying great service to Me, you don’t know the half of it. When it comes to anyone, you don’t know the half of it.

By Your Thoughts

What if you are a teacher on Earth, and you are here to teach all what life on Earth can be? Not what has been or what the world seems to look like, but what can be? What if you are Buddha or Christ or Mohammed? I whispered in their ears and spoke of all the hearts they would enliven, and I was heard.

God and the World

You do not forsake anyone when you put Me first. Who was first to Christ and Buddha and Mohammed if not I? Certainly not themselves, and not others, and yet they lived in the world and served the world. They were devoted to the world, and yet they were devoted to Me first and above all. They knew from where their power and goodness came. They knew that the way to serve the world was to serve higher than the world. Putting Me first is like putting a tablecloth on the table before you put the serving dishes down.

God Loves

When I so often tell you to let go of the past, you may wonder about remembering Christ at this season, or remembering Buddha and Mohammed in their seasons and all the Great Hearts who knew how to love. Is there to be only selective remembering, you wonder.

There is one thing to remember, not dates, not past events, but Who You Are. To do that, your thinking must expand. What do thoughts of the Great Ones do but expand your thinking? They would give you their consciousness. They want you to have it. And they say, "Here, take it. It is yours now. Look within."

Have not the Great Ones poured jewels before you?

Christmas Eve

When you want to ascend in life, press the button of love, joy, the essence of Buddha, Christ, Mohammed — you can only automatically rise. There is no top floor, beloveds. You are always rising. The way vapor rises, you can only rise, beloveds.

On the Same Mountaintop

Neither Christ nor Buddha nor Mohammed nor any Great One has left the Earth. How could they leave when they are still needed? How could they stop serving until all on Earth are conjoined in love on the same mountaintop of love they stand on?

Collaboration from Heavenreaders for a wikipedia entry for Heavenletters and Godwriting --

I keep the above entry because it is very good reading and also because, perhaps, someone who loves Heavenletters might read it and like to move forward with writing something up for Wikipedia. There are beautiful ideas given in this link.

Dear Esin, where do you live, dear one?

Dear Gloria, I am sorry that

Dear Gloria,

I am sorry that I did not notice your comment earlier and responding so late.

Thank you very much for taking your time and giving so much effort to help me see how Heaven Letters did infact recognize Islam and Mohammed. Though I am reading Heavenletters everyday (thanks to you), I am convinced now that it is indeed a universal writing, not ignoring or excluding certain believers (which is against its main idea, anyways).

I live in Istanbul Turkey.

Thank you again.

Beloved Esin, I am happy you

Beloved Esin, I am happy you responded!

Dearest, you are reading Heavenletters every day thanks to God!

I like the point you make that excluding any Great One is against the main idea God fills Heavenletters with. If there is Oneness, God doesn't leave anyone out.

You are from Istanbul. You live in a beautiful city. I visited Istanbul some years ago, gave a Godwriting workshop, stayed as a guest at a Sufi House with remarkable hospitality. Istanbul was filled with love.

I was sure I had a lot of photos of Istanbul, and don't seem to find them.

Here are some blogs that might interest you, beloved Esin:

Love, Gloria

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your answers and getting involved in such writing, which I read every day.