Holidays Have a Purpose

God said:

Holidays point out the Truth of life. They bear the names of the Truths of Life. Holidays are called Independence, Thanksgiving, Christmas. I do not know of a holiday called Suffering or Pain Day.

Christmas comes in many layers. Do not be dismayed that Christmas has become commercial. The world is not altogether a Church. The world, like music, has its overtones. Spiritual and commercial both support the Universe. Commercial does the best it can. It does seemingly, after all, put food on the table.

Christ would like his birthday to be celebrated with happiness at whatever level it appears. Only, the shopping is not always happy.

As you buy Christmas gifts this year, remind yourself that you are buying on Christ's behalf, and you give gifts on his behalf. Your heart will be lightened. Christ who is a personification of love would have you materialize love on his behalf, and therefore Mine. Of course, Christ's direct gifts are greater, but he doesn't mind your giving tokens of his love at all. The gifts he gives are less discernible but clearly greater. Everyone understands that.

The story about the Magi bringing gifts to Baby Jesus in the manger points out so well how the giver gives a gift to himself. Baby Jesus did not need gifts. The bearers of gifts wanted to embolden their hearts. Let gift-giving then be emboldened from your heart.

Gift-giving is not an obligation. There can be no obligation in giving. Obligation interrupts the flow of love.

So whomever you give a gift to, remind yourself that you give it on Christ's behalf.

And when you are the receiver of a gift, know that the gift is from greater than the hand that passed it to you. Children light up with gifts they give and receive, but you do not always. There comes the time when there is no material gift on Earth that can raise your spirits. Only the gift of the heart means something to you.

When all is said and done, when all the wrappings and ribbons have been put away, you may feel an emptiness you would rather not. The material can only go so far, for you are a Spiritual Being. Again and again in life, you come to face to face with that, and it is truly a lovely thing to face, beloveds. You are Spirit, and only love can fill you. Nothing else can. Only love greater can fill you. Your world expands as you go up, up in love.

In a world of plenty, it is you who must engender greater love. Greater love is not for you to wait for but for you to give. You do not muster it. You allow it. Remind yourself that you are an instrument of love. No matter what season, what conditions, you are an instrument of love. There is nothing else you are. There is nothing less that you are. There is nothing more. You are an instrument of love.

You are not meant to keep your love in a drawer. You are meant to vault it. You are meant to embody it. You are meant to live it.

If it is hard for you to remember that you are love and to feel loved and loving, then practice love on Me. Let Me be the recipient of your love. It is perhaps easier to relay your love to Me, from where all love comes.

Imagine that We, you and I, play catch with love. Imagine that exchanging love is like playing volleyball. Imagine all the hearts that toss love up and all the hearts that catch it. Imagine there is no net and all players are on the same side. Imagine there is love tossing everywhere.