Holidays Have a Purpose

God said:

Holidays point out the Truth of life. They bear the names of the Truths of Life. Holidays are called Independence, Thanksgiving, Christmas. I do not know of a holiday called Suffering or Pain Day.

Christmas comes in many layers. Do not be dismayed that Christmas has become commercial. The world is not altogether a Church. The world, like music, has its overtones. Spiritual and commercial both support the Universe. Commercial does the best it can. It does seemingly, after all, put food on the table.

May Peace Ring

God said:

Christmas Day has arrived. It arrived in your heart. Let every day be greeted the way Christmas Day is meant to be greeted. Meet and greet each day with excitement, wondering what gifts the universe will give you, and how happy the universe is to receive what you have given. How eager you will be to give more.

Everyday on Earth belongs to be a holiday, for is not the exchange of love holy? Is not life the exchange of love, and therefore is not life holy?

The Star That Illuminates the Earth

God said:

It is a puzzle how you expect too much and not enough at the same time. You look forward to this holiday in one way or another, and yet your heart looks for more than it receives. You know there is something more. Once you have picked up the ribbons and the wrappings, you are left with yourself, and your anticipation has fled. Something more was supposed to happen, and somehow the sun set, and the day is done. It is already the past. And what did you miss? What slipped past you?

Love Abounding

God said:

A New Year does not arrive, nor does a last year leave. This is all a game of time. Time can only be a game. It cannot be real, for it is a made-up thing. By consensus, time forms a pattern of days and nights and arbitrary things like minutes and seconds. Time is short or time is long irrespective of the measures you assign to it. Even so, right now, have the time of your life.

The time of your life means joy, and joy is real.

Christmas Eve

God said:

The Eve of Christ’s birth is the dawn of your own. When your heart meets Christ, you rise to a higher vibration. This happens naturally. Whenever you love, appreciate, enjoy, your consciousness is rising. What did you think ascension was if not rising? And what are you rising to but your own stature? Nothing is being added to you, beloved. You are simply ceasing to stay as you were — as you thought you were.

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