Here Comes the Sun

God said:

What I ask you to do is to come out of yourself, your applied self, the self that the world gave you and you adopted. Let the you that you have repressed come out of hiding, and be the irrepressible happiness you are. It takes a lot of energy to keep yourself down. Can you imagine a bird not flying? That may be you, beloveds, a bird who has not yet dared to let go and fly. Can you imagine a bird fearful to fly? Birds are meant to fly, and so are you.

You are not meant to be closed in. Free yourself. So, once again, I suggest you let go of the past. Just let it go. No longer be tied up in the past.

Weep no more. Or, go ahead and weep. Mourn those who have passed on. You will reunite. But let Us not mourn that you, in the midst of life, allowed yourself to abscond from life. Let go of all limits put on you. Let go of all the limits you have beset yourself with. Become your own. Become your own candle of light that ventures forth. No more hiding in the shadows. You are a Being of the Sun. You might as well let it be known.

Why would I have made you of light unless you were to shine your light? I did not create you to keep your light inside, burrowed, reluctant to come out, reluctant to be the light of the day, reluctant to shower your light upon all. You have great light within you. Now let that light come out so you can see what you are made of.

You were never made to hide behind a bushel. You were made for the bright light of day. What are you waiting for? Someone’s approval? You have Mine.

Must others’ ideas and opinions dismantle your light? Perhaps you have been expecting disapproval, and that expectation has kept your head down.

Now come out of hiding. That is surrender, beloveds. That is what surrender is. It is coming out of hiding.

A great certificate came with your birth, and you haven’t dared open it. The certificate read: “Newborn child of God’s Love.” Imagine My great joy at your birth.

You are still that newborn, yet you have been waiting on the sidelines for a signal that tells you that you are all right, that you are really real, and that you are far more than the world has let on and that you have let on to yourself. I am giving you the signal now. Now you come forth into the bright sunshine of My love, and you shine it on the Earth and all the seeming other people who walk on Earth. They are all you, and they are looking for a signal from you that God walks on Earth and that they are all right. What more than that is needed? What more do you need than to know your worth to Me and your worth to the errant world? What will the world be worth once you shine My light for all to see?

Come, smile upon My creation, and smile upon yourself. You who are My Beloved have to know yourself and be true to the truth of you. You have to know that you are an angel sent to Earth. You have not seen yourself as angel at all, but, yes, you are an Earthborn angel. When you take away the costume, you are the same angel of Heaven that you have always been. If you have seen yourself as less than an angel, you have not seen. Here comes the Sun.

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The windmill of the applied self

"It takes a lot of energy to keep yourself down."

This statement has a bomb effect.

God is not waiting for me because God does not know time nor live in time. But, at the same "time", the extension of His Kingdom is blocked while I am waiting to return to Him. Earthly time is equal to delay. God does not know what delay is but it can be painful to me. I try to remain in time because I believe that is where I am. But time is energy consuming. I am fighting against a windmill when I try to resist, when I try to keep me down, afraid to fly.

Two voices speak to me. God's voice and the applied self's voice. They present simultaneously two interpretations of the same Reality: the only One that is a Fact, and the other one that I invented and that I decided to believe in, as long as possible.

But too often , the applied self speaks first...

not complete

ive been offline for about 6 months. i just came back online a few days ago.

in the wee hours of the morning i was reading some really dark material and needed a breather. i remembered from the past to go over to heaven letters.
i read from today's heavenletter, found myself just reading each one in order all the way back to this one, "here comes the sun". i was stunned! i felt born again because of the message here and it brought together alot of things for me. maybe just a few! very key things!
I was born on february 28, 1971. i was two months late and now i know when i was to be born, Today. December 19 or is the 20th? at 5:51 am! the moment i knew this letter was for me! i also have two songs to go with it, here comes the sun by the beatles and massive attack's song, angel.
you can say here comes the sun is my father and the song angel, my mother. if you want to here the songs and the lyrics go to you tube.

Anyway, so i look down at the comments, which i havnt been doing, and see Jochens near the top and was stunned!
Here i feel born again and Jochen feels obliterated by the same message!
And man do i recognize the feelings he is expressing! this is me on some days i know well!!!
I read the replys and didnt really see any others that spoke to me, so im glade you guys got it all hashed out.
I guess i could give alot of answers, that i have from my own experiences, but that would just be clear for me and as i remember heavenletters saying once, mere here say for jochen and whoever else reads this comment.

But i do have one thing to say, actually i defer to a line above given from your Dad to you in the above heavenletter.

If you do read this Jochen, you'r alright! you going to be alright!
we all are!
we all are!

Dear me, (funny way of

Dear me,

(funny way of addressing someone; do you have a name we could use?) Your comment really makes me wonder. Believe it or not, at the moment I'm unable to go back into the state I was in when I wrote that comment. I do understand it and I still feel a little shaken wenn re-reading this Heavenletter, but I seem to be somewhere else now, at least for the moment.

Thank you for pointing out how widely different a Heavenletter can sound to different people or to the same person on different days. Nothing we say here is definite. That's because we aren't.

Dear me, I believe that answers that come from our own experience cannot be hearsay – unless we have transcribed them into formulas, teachings or lectures which is when they aren't experience any more. I'm not prodding you to say more…


hello jochen,

I was just writing what i believe i was suppose to write.
Only the last 3 sentences were to you, but i think i understand that i pushed the reply button to your message.
And i did that to make sure you got the last three lines. i didnt mean to be riduculous, but i knew from what i writing at the time and
my lack of punctuation that it could be taken that way and i dont mind taking the responsibility for it. I chose to write and leave it the way
it was and i chose "me" just to get it written and sent, since once i put in my name, it through me back because of a name already used.
nobody i guess is named "me" here. And what do you care anyway? i guess its just the ways things are done and thats cool. call me your friend.

i saw the points you made and i thank you, your not prodding me. i Just realized that word was used in one of the heavenletters.

Heresay, i see you dont like formulas, teachings or lectures when they are not from experience.
I was refering to Heavenletters point about experience anyway, that if someone has just heard something from another that they personally
havnt experienced then it was just hearsay anyway. So we agree, i think.
the last three lines were to you and those were not my words anyway, and i thought that was all i was suppose to say. The rest was just my
heartfelt experience with the letter, which when i saw it in print seemed way to long in length to me, messy and probably rediculous to most.
About the way my spelling is, i guess. my writing isnt the greatest either and then on top of it all, i see things that seem odd maybe.

i dont think from the last sentence you cared much for a reply. And by replying im not trying to be difficult. I was content with silence but then
as a few hours passed it seemed that it might be taken as arrogant or dismissive or who knows what and i thought i should write you. That
even though you didnt really want a follow up, i should follow up on my ridiculousness. I didnt have any opinion of my own to write about last
night, nor now. But i felt like both times i was supposed to write it from the same one we all believe is the source of heavenletters. I guess this
statement could open up another kettle of fish and i guess thats fine. I just do what i think im suppose to do sometimes. It just doesnt have "God
said" on it. In my experience it usually doesn't. He can show up in anyone at any time and He does. Alot! accept me or dont accept me. I do care. Maybe the bad speeling is for a reason and the rediculousness. MAybe everything is on purpose. But its not to offend, be mysterious, or be an egghead. I guess whatever friends i could of had, i just lost but you are my friends. You all are. And i am yours. i am yours.

I'm happy to hear from you

I'm happy to hear from you again, my friend. Please keep writing.

Yes, we agree.

It's true, I did not receive those last three lines with full attention. I do now.

There is nothing ridiculous, arrogant, dismissive, offensive or mysterious in what you write. There would not be if you didn't write. What can I say? Thank you. Please don't worry about anything, certainly not spelling or punctuation.


thats awesome!

As a Heavenreader, I find

As a Heavenreader, I find myself more and more puzzled recently. I have read this Heavenletter several times very slowly to make sure I understand everything in terms of semantics. I think I do. And yet I don't have a clue as to what it is saying. I'm even more clueless about how to act on it. My honeymoon with Heavenletters, lasting three years, is clearly over, and the question of where this engagement ist getting me becomes a pressing one. It may be the wrong question, but I can't help asking it, finding myself on square one or even further back again and again. I won't go into what that feels like, but the fact is that I don't see any real progress, which could mean that Heavenletters are not helping me or that my attitude is not allowing them to help me.

Should the latter be true (which, of course, I hope it is), then perhaps the secret is in how I read a Heavenletter. Perhaps the mistake is in trying to "get it". For instance, if I find that "just let go of the past" or "just allow the love that you are" is driving me insane because I don't for the life of me know how to follow these invitations, could it be I'm wrong in assuming I'm required to do something and be able to do it? Feeling unable to understand and unable to act on what I don't unerstand contains the deepest sense of doom that I know. So if the concept of having to be able to is misconceived, perhaps reading a Heavenletter (at least in my case) should be done without anything in mind, without conclusions, without expectations, whithout anything at all. But that would mean that Heavenletters aren't a message in the usual sense of the word. I have started suspecting as much. Heavenletters are pure energy and theire influence is a purely energetic one. Understanding is nice but optional. Exposing yourself to their vibration is the whole secret and all that ever needs to be done. At the very end of my rope, this is the only solution I am able to envision.

Jim's most recent comment guides me to Heaven #1664 where I find what feels like confirmation of sorts.

There is a sweep of love across the universe, and you are trying to reach it. Sometimes you fly. Sometimes you crawl, but everyday, a new rung in the ladder is climbed. You are further along today than you were yesterday. And all of this is to discover Being. It is a great discovery.

I don't know of any "sweep of love", but maybe that's not the point. Maybe the point is to just take in the words and long for their truth without, as Heavenletters are prone to say, "having to have it".

What is energy but love? Even anger is compressed love. Reveal love as it is, nice easy quiet energy, supporting the universe and the heart of the weeping world.

Again, even if I don't know what to do with "Reveal love as it is", it's not too difficult to somehow sense the reality of "nice easy quiet energy, supporting the universe and the heart of the weeping world."

Thank you, Berit and Jim. Your names, by the way, are associated with "innocence" (among other things) in my heart. Innocence may be what I wanted to speak about in this comment. How to read a Heavenletter innocently – without assuming I understand, without needing to understand. I know there are Heavenletters that address this. The difficulty is in urgently needing a solution…

Can I help?

Jochen, I think the big problem is: That which cannot be perceived is speaking about that which cannot be expressed. I've tried to return to certain letters and "retain' them--it doesn't work! They can't be experienced by the mind but can be recognized as true before dissolving into the no-thing they are. That they seem so personal and personable is what makes it frustrating--because what's speaking is empty space. And what's listening is empty space.

We the people (minds) are just along for the ride. We can't hold on to ANY of it. I hope this makes sense to anyone out there;) Yes? No?

holding on to nothing

Yes, but not very helpful.

You are right, Gary,

You are right, Gary, "retaining" them doesn't work. There are Heavenletters that expressly advise against trying to retain anything because their message works on an altogether different level. What is so frustrating for me is that it all makes so much sense and I still don't know how to follow through. It makes sense to me on an intellectual level but also on a much deeper level we might call resonance (that's the "energetic" bit). And if there is resonance, I would like to think, there must be something within that truly hears. That's what leaves me so bewildered when I find myself unable to move. What on earth is holding me back? Heavenletters give any number of answers to that question – fear, feeling undeserving, knowing better etc. – and I consider them all, thinking that, yes, it could be this, it could be that – but I don't actually see or feel any of it, it all remains completely abstract, just a bunch of plausible-soundig possibilities with no real life in them!

I sense something deeply deeply personal in this whole shebang, infinitely more personal and intimate than what the conventional meaning of the word implies. Let it be emptiness upon emptiness, it is still personal through and through. It's a smile. It's an embrace. It's love. But where is it? Or when will it penetrate to or from the core?

I guess I would just like something to stand on. There is good emptiness and there is horrible emptiness. I know the latter quite well, I know what it is like to try strapping all kinds of things to your feet that give you a short-lived sense of standing on something. In good emptiness (and I don't know how I know) you stand on just that smile. So, where is it? I'm not asking for directions, of course. It can only be everywhere. I'm asking what it takes to feel it.

Something to stand on

I think you've said it all; "I'd just like something to stand on."

AND THERE'S NOTHING TO STAND ON! How ironic that these personal letters so filled with love come out of nothing which is everything. It makes no sense to the mind. So I guess the mind must be left aside.

I can feel this presence anytime I wish. But...the minute you get your finger caught in the door--all bets are off;)

I still don't know how to

I still don't know how to follow through

It doesn't depend on how you follow through or by intellectual understanding. I used to question why this and why that without any apparent answers. Only until I just let everything go and in the "allowing" I was unknowingly leaving the door open for true knowing. To me it is a spirit force and energy that is awakening. Heavenletters feed that inner spirit. It is not about understanding as it is sensed and known in spirit. I go with the flow within making sure my eyes and heart is stayed on Him.
Some days are it seems easier to "feel" the Spirit. I have learned to never give up and I know without a shadow of a doubt that the mortal me is now functionning by His Spirit.

Don't fret Jochen because you are not required to "follow through". You will learn that ALL has been accomplished. You are His Son and have not claimed your inheritance!? Just walk into it, He will do the rest!

Much Love,

Accomplishing God's Will

Dear Jochen,
I do share a lot of what is universal in what you are writing about. It is part of the human script. Is it not because we have to recognize and acknowledge that of ourself we can do NOTHING? If we acknowledge that we are not of ourself, then shouldn't we rejoice that of ourself we can do nothing?

Indeed there is nothing more frustrating than to be a learner and having to learn something that can't be learned. It makes us loose our sense of competence, something that can be very depressing. It seems that we are in an impossible learning situation.

But basically, it all comes down to our will of HEALING. We are not healing because we are sick because God created us immortal and perfect in His love and His light. It is only our imagined self that is sick because we believe in it. What has to be healed is our misperceptions which are produced by our splitted mind and its splitted thoughts. And for that we need help. We cannot get out of our imagined self by our own efforts. We have to let the healing spirit in our distorted mind. We have to remember though that a splitted mind contains also God's Mind. It is only that little part of our Mind that splitted that threw us into space, time and different bodies.

To heal, we need to be in Joy. There can't be any healing without Joy, because Joy is Truth. The imagined self can only experiment fear, guilt, lack. sadness because it is not based on Truth but on delusion and deception

There are only two ways of thinking: light or darkness. They cannot cohabitate. In reversing our thinking process, which has to be fueled with Joy, we will heal that portion of the Mind that is distorted and finally we will See what we desire.

how to accomplish what is accomplished?

Dear Normand,

we, you and I, Jochen and Mary, are God's will. There is no patch where something is to be accomplished. Except we are willing to accomplish our awareness being accomplished and being God's will in all our lifes and minutes.

There is no "We have to ..." When you are depressive, you will not be well advised, I suppose, when your beloved one comes towards you saying: "You have to ..." Or: "What is needed, is ..." Or: "What you need, is help from others. You, yourself, are not able to portray a new picture of yourself."

There is a fine line between acting in stillness and peace, and writing and saying what should be, what is needed. Some people feel this line, maybe right now and since years, better than others. They even might have suffered from transgressions over this line since years, without knowing what made them suffer, or without knowing that and how they were heaping up sufferings more and more.


Beyond time, everything is

Beyond time, everything is already accomplished. What is time if not a device to heal our illusions that it is not? Sometime we "need" a medecine to help us cure.

For the most part I do not

For the most part I do not feel divided between 2 identities since I've joined with my One Self. The other one (ego) did not survive it's earthly life.
I've only just begun to learn how to fly. Every moment is exciting as I discover who I really am.

This is the quote I liked:

Let the you that you have repressed come out of hiding, and be the irrepressible happiness you are.

I recently adopted a pet dwarf rabbit and I just luv the energy she demonstrates and brings into my life. She is a joy to watch especially when she's playfully scurrying around in irrepressible happiness! (smile)

LIGHT Blessings of LOVE,

Returning home from the

Returning home from the dentist, I can only say, Wow, what a gang of friends! Really, its so nice to have echoes all around, whether you clearly hear and understand everything or not. I will hardly be able to do your wonderful comments justice, it's simply too much I would have to write.

What I like most is that everyone is so circumspect and gentle in their responses. In human communication, I like question marks much better than exclamation marks, listening much better than statements or teachings, suggestions much better than advice – and your comments fit these preferences beautifully.

Gary, you seem to like the ancient and recent philosophy and world-view of non-duality as much as I do. For several reasons it's not something I can adopt, but I still like it.

"...unknowingly leaving the door open for true knowing" is so very well put, Johanne. It's as if God has to catch us unawares. You say that it happened when you let everything go and allowed. Is this done, is it chosen or does it simply happen at some point? Because, you see, if it is decided upon and done, we are back with requirements and to-dos and have-tos. We are back at the juncture where you are either able or, tough luck, unable to make the right choice and move forward. Same with "Just walk into it..." I'm only trying to say that until you suddenly find yourself walking, you may not even know what walking into it means. And the all-important question is: Is there some doing, some practice, some choice? If so, what is it like? If not, what is there to do but to wait until the timer goes off (as one HL has it)?

It's truly "an impossible learning situation", Normand, and yes, having no "sense of competence" is absolutely depressing, I can attest to that. I think you are hitting the nail on its head as far as I am concerned. Although I feel competent in some areas of life where I have been working and learning under my own steam, it seems I have never developed that fundamental sense of competence that allows one to feel confident. Which is why "I can't" became the refrain of my life, remaining unconscious for many years but becoming painfully obvious with Heavenletters.

But after that, even with your perceptive words, I get into that old maelstrom of paradoxes and contradictions again. "...we need help. We cannot get out of our imagined self by our own efforts. We have to let the healing spirit in our distorted mind." If, as you are saying, we can do nothing, then who is doing that letting the healing spirit in and how is it done? Again, if we can do nothing, who is doing that "reversing our thinking process"? How is it done? Can I help with it? Who is fueling my thinking process with joy, how does it come about, where is that tank of joy?

Our thinking seems to be circular or contradictory much of the time. The reason for this may be that really there is nothing that needs to be done while on the other hand we are thoroughly conditioned doers, responding to a wide range of stimuli with an automatic "How's it done?" Perhaps intending is the only thing we need to "do". I do not believe that we can do nothing. There is something Heaven places squarely in our hands. Expecting miracles, perhaps.

Now I suggest that you anticipate miracles, beloveds. Why aren’t your antennae already attuned to pick up miracles at close and far range? Why aren’t you looking for miracles right and left?

And Theophil, the only one I have met in person, a warm thank you to you as well for your words of kindness and consideration. But again, there seems to be no escaping it: If there is nothing to accomplish, then how does willingness come about? Is it not accomplished? Is it given? Do you either have it or, tough luck again, not have it?

But the "fine line" you are speaking about is most important and very dear to me. I wish we would all meet on this side of it where there is silence or gentle probing and nothing so surely known.

Dear Jochen, that is the

Dear Jochen,
that is the kind of answer I was expecting from you and I am absolutely delighted. How could we replace you and why would we? That is the beauty of you. You know the answers.

Are you a prima donna?

Big, big, big Hugs.

Prima dunno perhaps. More

Prima dunno perhaps.

More big hugs

That is a good neologism for

That is a good neologism for an old fact!