First Love Dances in Your Heart

God said:

Isn’t it wonderful that you love? However many objects your love alights on, it is you who loves. Even when you are dependent upon love given to you, isn’t it wonderful that you love? And when there is parting, parting is such sweet sorrow.

And, yet, you are self-sufficient. Love leaves, and you do not. You stay, and lingering thoughts of your loved one positioned in life somewhere else fill you. The thing is, beloveds, that it is you and I who are together. That is what everything comes down to. Ultimately, it comes down to you and Me. We are the Bearers of Love.

Love is love. It belongs to Us only to give away. In giving Our love away, We keep it. Can you imagine if I kept all My love to Myself? Impossible. What would I have? What would I amount to?

Love is letting go. It is letting go of inhibition. It is letting go of any hold on love. It is letting go of predictions and conclusions and outcomes. Love is letting go of the past. Hanging on to the past prevents love now.

Love cannot be located, beloveds. You can’t put your finger on it. As I exist, love exists. Love and I cannot be cut into a frame. Love is a coexistence of One heart. Where love is given, love resides. The object of all your love ultimately is yourself. According to how you value yourself, you love. Of course, I am not speaking of trumped up love, love manufactured to fit an occasion. I am speaking of love that doesn’t cling, love that doesn’t cling even to the idea of itself. Love is formless. It does not come from a cookie-cutter. Love is not produced. It arises from itself.

And love resides within you. Let your love go. Do not clamp it. For what reason, would you put your love in a vise? And, yet, have you not?

What is there to fear from love? You fear it will leave your side. When you remind yourself that love is formless, what is there for you to hold onto? What can fear take away from you? Well, it has taken the heart of your love and put it away for safety’s sake. That is a dangerous thing to do.

It is not that love is on display. It is that love is to be free to be what it is when it is. Love is not a medal. It is not a display.

Now, let’s allow love to come from its corner. Love is not meant to be a wallflower. Love gets up and dances. That is what love does. First love dances in your heart, and then it must come out and dance in the world.

Love is not a pursuit. Love comes on its own. Love is secured by letting it go.

Love does not follow rules. Do not hamper love. Set the burgeoning love in your heart free.

When an impulse of love arises, listen to it. Better yet, open the throttle of your heart of love, and let it rip. What would it be like to have a day in which your heart simply loves wherever it looks! All days on Earth give you that opportunity. Full speed ahead. Full love ahead. Head for the shore of love.

This is your destination, beloveds. Park your ship of love on the shore of love. Moor it there. You are an ocean of love who parks on the shore and embraces all. You are going to arrive at love regardless.

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Love is secured by letting it go.


Really needed to read this at this very moment. So great!!!!!!!! Funny how things come to you just as you need to hear or read them!! Life is beautiful! Love!!!!

Ultimately, it comes down to

Ultimately, it comes down to you and Me. We are the Bearers of Love.
It belongs to Us only to give away.

Loving you all