Help the Universe Say Yes to You

God said:

Opportunities get lost because they are not said Yes to. Let Yes trip more easily over your teeth. Sometimes you make things hard for yourself and for others by virtue of delay or decision of some kind and so you say No, or Later, or Perhaps. Make the decision to say Yes. The same way you say Thank you routinely, learn to say, "Yes, of course, gladly."

You would say Yes more automatically if you did not possess a seeming need to control. Forget control, and say Yes. It is the heart that you say Yes to, yours and others'. Be ready to say Yes.

No has its place, certainly, but No is not to outdo Yes. Many things are said No to, or Later, or Perhaps when Yes is fitting. Yes fits in very well. No closes whereas Yes opens. Sometimes it is your own face you close the door on.

We are talking about an exchange of energy. Yes engenders and feeds energy. No drains, saps, weakens.

Certainly, if someone proposes marriage, and your heart says No, you'd better say No. In the little things, however, say Yes. Do not make little things big by saying No. No stops. Yes goes forward. No blocks energy. Yes releases it.

I am speaking more of the casual No, where you create unnecessary steps to Yes. Yes is the foregone conclusion, but you parry it.

You do not want to be so exclusive that you get in the habit of saying No. Be true to your own self and say Yes more often than No. Saying too many No's is not being true to yourself. It is easier to say Yes truthfully.

Dealing with people is not meant to be a duel.

Say Yes to your children more easily. If you are the child, say Yes to your parents more easily. If you are the librarian, say Yes more readily. Yes dances a merry tune while No is heavy-footed.

Make life easier for yourself and others.

Yes is a green light in traffic, and No is red. Yes beckons, No stops.

Take life less seriously, and Yes will predominate.

What is the point of saying No to the little things? Whom do you serve? What does it serve you to say No so frequently? Asserting yourself is one thing. Saying No so facilely is another. Say Yes to love. Say Yes to life.

Put away No the way you put away your sword. What is there that you fight, and why do you fight it? What do you think will happen when you are agreeable more than disagreeable? You are not obligated to say Yes, yet you can coax your heart out of hiding, and truthfully say Yes more easily and more often.

It is yourself you deny with No. You owe it to yourself to say Yes easily. Why wouldn't your heart say Yes and Yes and Yes? Why would your heart prefer to say No to itself?

Never mind procedures you've established as a sort of defense. You may make a simple event in life lengthy and laborious because you have made many steps before you say Yes. You are going to say Yes, but there are many hoops you make someone and yourself go through. One piece of paper would suffice instead of ten.

Get into the habit of inviting with Yes instead of deterring with No. The universe will more easily respond to you who say Yes easily rather than No persistently. I do not know why No is so touted in the world. Practice Yes.

Have I made a good case for saying Yes? Answer Me with a Yes. Forget But's and Wherefores and Maybe's. Say, Yes!

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