A Star over Your Doorpost

God said:

When you have the idea that you are overwhelmed with responsibility, consider responsibility as a blessing, and bemoan no more. Responsibility IS a blessing, for how else would you grow? Is not every responsibility you take a privilege that has been granted to you? Is not responsibility great soul food that nourishes your evolution?

There are those whose days are long, for they are without responsibility. Be glad you have responsibility. If you feel you have too much, be glad, for a great gift has been given you that you have mis-named responsibility. You simply have been given more presents than others may have been given.

Responsibility isn't a burden on your shoulders. It is a gift in your lap. You are a privileged one to have responsibility.

Begin to think of responsibility, not as an obligation, but as a favor you grant to the universe in appreciation of the favors granted you.

If you work hard, know you are blessed to have work to do.

If you have a large family to support, know you are blessed to tend My children. If you do not feel the appreciation you desire and deserve from those you tend, know deeply how greatly I respect and appreciate you and your service to mankind. Now appreciate yourself.

You are blessed to be responsible for more than yourself. Responsibility is a great treasure. It is part of your happiness. I am teaching you how to know the grace that has been given you.

When new responsibility reaches you, do not duck your head. Rejoice. The universe has come to you with a note on a silver tray, requesting that you help out. Happy day, a messenger of God has come to your door. You cannot turn the messenger away. You can only graciously accept.

With every responsibility that comes to you, feel lightened. Consider that each new responsibility takes away burdens, beloveds.

And now you train your attitude and concepts about responsibility in a new way. Point out to yourself that you have been given a blue ribbon. There is a star over your doorpost. You have been chosen, and you have been bequeathed. You have been given an honor. You have been given a gold coin from God. You have been given another angel to lift you higher, while a chorus of angels stay by your side. They make your work light. They do your work for you. The assignment is yours, and light energy from Heaven takes care of it.

You are the medium through which angels work. And that is how you become an angel on Earth, for are you not? Did you not arise from Heavenly realms? All who help another in whatever service are angels operating from a high level. No service is too great nor too small for you. No assignment is too weighty. I have assigned you to succor mankind.

Your responsibilities are not bound to Earth. With each stitch you sew, you are creating something far greater than the stitches you take. You are part of a grand quilt that will cover the Earth with joy. Be joyful as you stitch. Whatever part of the quilt is yours to sew, sew with alacrity and joy. You are more than a seamstress in life. You are the maker of something wonderful. The corner you are given is important and meaningful to the whole. You sew faultlessly as you push and pull the needle in and out. See beyond the stitches you sew. See beyond the humdrum. See beyond the square you are working on. See the unfolding of beautiful colors and patterns tumbling before you. See the happiness you generate. See.